Thursday, December 31

X: X-Files

Post Edit: I'm not gonna lie. This post was the biggest mistake of my life. Seriously. Seriously?! I can't believe that even after talking about them for a whole year, I did not make this about my beloved X-Files. Thank you Kenzie, for bringing me to this realization. X is for X-Files. Now on to the original post.

I have nothing for x. Because, let's face it, the only words that start with x are things like x-ray and xylophone. And neither of those are very inspirational. So I went to Flickr and searched around for x's. And that was when I came up with this:

Duh. X-Men.

But I haven't actually seen any of the X-Men movies. (Check out that vein on his arm! Sorry...I get distracted by big muscles.)
Are they any good?



  1. I know you love X-Files,
    but might I just say
    Never have I seen a Man till I saw Hugh Jackman in "Australia"... Ya, know The Water Bucket Scene!
    Just saying.


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