Thursday, October 30

Soundtrack to My Movie

I saw this cute one from Katie Kelly and I simply had to try it out.

If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? Here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press Play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.

1) Opening credits: Brown Eyes-Andy Davis

2) Waking Up: When Christmas Comes to Town-Polar Express Soundtrack

3) First Day at School: That's Where It It-Carrie Underwood

4) Fight Song: Forever and For Always-Shania Twain

5) Breaking Up: Never Had It So Good-Jessica Andrews

6) Happiness: Landslide-Dixie Chicks

7) Life's Okay: Yesterday-Leona Lewis

8) Mental Breakdown: I Don't Feel Like Lovin' You Today-Gretchen Wilson

9) Driving: Cover Me-Mae

10) Flashback: The Ocean-Mae

11) Getting Back Together: Wake Up Call-Maroon 5

12) Wedding: When You Say Nothing At All-Alison Krauss

13) Birth of a Child: Flora's Secret-Enya

14) Final Battle: Something Like That-Tim McGraw

15) Death Scene: I Keep Looking-Sara Evans

16) Funeral Song: Storm-Lifehouse

17) End Credits: Unbreakable Heart-Jessica Andrews

Hmmm...spookily enough, a lot of these fit. I am more of a pacifist, so my fight song is about right. I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today is definitely how I feel when I am having a breakdown. It does not bode well for the man I am getting back together with if our song is Wake Up Call, though. The wedding and birth of a child were sweet.

Monday, October 27

Dumb Boys in the Testing Center

Some people need to just Mind Their Own Business.
I just can't handle it when people take it as their personal responsibility to condemn the rest of us for not wearing skirts down to our ankles. Sorry, but right now is a complaint session. Stop right here if this bothers you.

Today I wore a cute outfit to school: a long-sleeved white tee under a cute yellow summer dress with tall brown boots. The dress came down to my knees, so it was Strength of Youth appropriate, and I got at least 4 compliments on my outfit. Made me feel pretty good. It never once crossed my mind that I could possibly be immodest. So I took my Biology test in the testing center, met up with some friends for lunch, and headed to a mini testing lab in the basement of the Joseph Fielding Smith Building (which happens to be my favorite on campus, I spend all my free time on these beautiful balconies...)to take my Humanities exam on Musical Drama and Opera.

I got into the center, the girl at the desk swiped my id, and I walked over to the amazing apple computers to begin my test. Then, this guy gets up from his test, walks over to the desk, and tells the girl that I am not modest enough to be taking a test at BYU and she needs to ask me to leave. I'm sorry, what? I'm not what? Hang on there buddy. But she asked me to leave, and being me, the last thing I was gonna do is pitch a fit. My face was already red, and I wanted to cry, and I had no desire to draw anymore attention to myself. So I got my bag, walked to my Biology class to await my friend Davey, so I could rant at him and have him assure me that I am in no way dressed bad enough to be kicked out of a BYU testing center.

So right now, the question I am asking myself is why? Why does a random guy get up and ruin my day like that? Was he trying to prove something? Is he one of those guys who is so super hardcore letter of the law? Or, like Davey thinks, did he just think I was hot and my legs were causing him to fail his test? Whatever it was, I don't appreciate it. And, if it was the last thing, Keep your eyes to yourself, Mister.

Sunday, October 26

Vagabonding It

I usually have two or three things going at a time that really interest me. Not quite obsessions, but I find out everything I can about them and spend all my spare time thinking about them. And sometimes, I even think about them when I should be focused on something else (in class, for instance). You already know that one of my current interests is William Shakespeare, so now I shall tell you about the other.

Surfing is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I love the ocean, and waves have always been a special interest of mine. The power and beauty behind them is mesmerizing and magnificent. To run around the world in chase of the perfect wave has become a dream of mine that I want to pursue one day. Can you imagine going some place like this?

And riding this?

One day I shall. But for now, I get my monthly Surfer magazine, and pretend that I am there with Kelly Slater, only I am the World Champion this time.

My top picks:

#1 Taj Burrow (the beautiful, beautiful man...)

#2 Andy Irons (this one looks almost pretend, huh?)

#3 Kelly Slater, of course. He has to be in the top three.

#4 Mick Fanning

#5 John John Florence (mainly because he's such a cute kiddie)

Mariposa Mexican Grille

The very first job I held in a professional setting was at Mariposa Mexican Grille (now known as Mekinita Mexican Grille). I think that it was the best place ever to work. And not just because Rand Packer is the most amazing chef ever. Although that might have something to do with it...
I think that it was more of the fact that there is a feeling of teamwork and excellence that just isn't anywhere else that I have been. And you can really feel it. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, the atmosphere is amazing. And it's not just the brilliant decorations. It's the people. Where else could you possibly go to your bosses house every Friday night and have campfires? And where else would you meet a best friend like Chrissy?Where would you decorate a Christmas tree with big butterflies and then leave it up till almost February? I'm not sure, but I'm betting it isn't at Chili's, or Village Inn, and definitely not McDonald's. And the beautiful butterfly doors definitely pull all of it together. It's my box, I'm stuck in it, and I love it. I can't wait for summer, when I get to go back and be with my Butterfly Family.
True! (it's not false this time, Mehemet...)

Art Nouveau Salad Plates

Today I found something that I want. But at $40 a set, I, a poor college student, do not have a good enough excuse to buy them for myself. Aren't these the cutest little salad plates? I just love Pottery Barn. If I have a decorating style, then it has to be Pottery Barn. One day, when I send you a wedding invitation, remember that I wanted these.

Saturday, October 25

The New Love of My Life

Right now I am supposed to be doing homework. But I feel like that girl on the movie The Prince and Me. You remember her? Yeah, she didn't get much homework done that one time they were in the library, because he kept holding her hand and then they ran and made out behind the shelves. Don't worry, I'm not making out in a public place. But I do keep getting distracted by a man. Only this man has been dead for 392 years. I know, pretty sad, huh? Now I'll never get to meet him. But that's alright. I have created a beautiful image in my head of him (with some help from Joseph Fiennes) and the real thing might not live up to my expectations.

I'm talking about William Shakespeare, of course. I never was interested in Shakespeare (beyond the beautifully bound Complete Works that Talana gave me one year for Christmas out of which I have read A Midsummer Night's Dream over and over) until Wednesday, when my Humanities professor introduced me to the most wonderful thing in the world: Shakespeare in Love. (No worries, I got the cleanflicks version) Suddenly, I understood him. The Old English made sense, because it was romantic, and beautiful, and I could hear someone saying all those beautiful things to me. Over the past few days, I have seen this movie a grand total of 4 times, read King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Love's Labour's Lost, As You Like It, and I am currently working on Twelfth Night . My studies have suffered accordingly. I have a Biology exam on Monday at noon, and I have no idea where glycolosis takes place. I think maybe in the cytoplasm... And I am supposed to be 80 pages through Quintilian: On the Teaching of Speaking and Writing, but I'm not quite through the introduction. But it is all ok, because I have two of the most beautiful phrases ever uttered:

"His eyes...I was born to look in them and know myself."

"Love denied blights the soul we owe to God."

There is something about ink on fingers that gives me a nice little thrill. Watching someone write gives me chills, just like beautiful music, or looking out at the ocean. So I continue to neglect my homework and dream of being shipwrecked on Illyria...

Crunchy leaves and jack o' lanterns

It's autumn time! I'm so excited because this is my very first autumn in a place that actually changes colors. I walk around campus and the beautiful trees are all yellow and red. I draw pictures of trees with different colors.
And have you been up in the canyon? Beautiful! I am amazed by the vastness of the mountains and the magnificence of their colors. I will take some pictures for you tomorrow.
The only thing that I have mixed feelings about is the dropping temperatures. I don't like being cold. So I am playing the Pollyanna game and making the best of the situation.

Some things that are good about the cold:

1~ Hot chocolate!


3~ Fuzzy slippers

Snuggling in warm blankets (time to get a boyfriend! just kidding...)

Christmas is coming!!!!!!

But first we must have Halloween. I am going to be Little Red Riding Hood. What are you going to be?

Cleaning Checks

Today was my first cleaning check at my apartment this semester that I was actually around for. Roman Gardens (my apartment complex) is not the greatest. Actually, that is me being super nice. The bathrooms are pretty gross.

But each month they have some lady come by and make sure that we aren't total slobs. So they send out a little check list with jobs for each person to do. I got to do the oven, microwave, and stove, along with my room and a general pick up. It didn't take me that long, and the oven was super clean compared to the one in my apartment last semester. The microwave is ancient though. I think that it was here when my mom lived here 30 years ago. Just a thought.
So I was really nervous about the cleaning checks, because the lady at my last apartment complex was brutal. She was convinced that the worn out bottom of the tub was mold and I scrubbed it for an hour once. After that I told her that she could try scrubbing it to prove me wrong. She never bothered us about the bathtub again. And then there was the time that Dawna failed her check because she didn't scrape the ancient stains off the bottom of the oven with a razor blade. Can you understand why I was nervous?
So I was about to walk out the door and this lady walks in with a cell phone attached to her ear. She pokes her head in each bathroom and bedroom, signs the passing paper, and walks out. 2 minutes tops. I was impressed.

Some pretty flowers that my roommate's fiance brought her.

Dawna's side of the room is more decorated than mineBut that's ok. I don't mind. Really, I don't.

See how tiny our kitchen is? We don't really have drawers.