Monday, December 28

Finals Week Pictures

Finals week. With Talana. In pictures. And a video or two.

Day #1: Macey's has the best eggnog ice cream.
Day #3: In Target. What the h? Who made this?
At our favorite Sunflower Market

DO NOT try to eat my J Dawg.
Day #4: Day before the wedding with Alexia and Kate Day #5: I suppose there was a wedding.
Congratulations, little one! I love you bunches and bunches!
hello kitty! ps It was real cold!

The flowers didn't actually taste good...

1 comment:

  1. Look it, Look it! That's Me!
    Oh Wow; it is me again...
    and I was so close to eating your J Dawg!

    I have to say that whoever took all these pictures must be amazing!

    And I still have no clue what was up with that spoon?


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