Thursday, December 3

Warning for my mom: Do not read this. Do not look at the picture and imagine it is me.

Most people that know me would be quick to agree that I am not an outdoorsy/active kind of a girl. I prefer to be inside, warm and cozy with a book and a blanket or dressed up in my high heels. But this is all about to change. "What's that?" you say. How can this be? What would inspire such a change?

Rock Canyon Park, people. Climbing up the rocks and repelling. At night. Seriously, so fun! I can't get over it.

When Heather texted me to invite me to go, I was immediately in.
But then we started talking about what it all entailed, and it sounded a little too adventurous.
So I called Dave, one of the guys we were going with, to get some details.
And he totally talked me into it without trying to.
Going up was a bit hard on my underdeveloped lungs {the doctor's words, but my own fault},
but getting to the top was worth it.

There were a few bumps. {Or rocks. Whatever.}
It was a bit cold.
I was wearing five layers, including thermals and a down coat, and it was still chilly.
Climbing over to Dave so I could go down was a bit nerve wracking.
And there might have been a point where I relied on the rocks more than the rope...resulting in some bouncing and a fit of giggles from Heather.
And I wish we had had a camera for that one.
But all in all, I would have done it ten times if I wasn't so darn tired from climbing up and if it was 50 degrees warmer {not a lie. We're talking in the twenties at least.}
We ended the night with hot chocolate and Glee.
Utah is awesome.
I want to do it again tonight.

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  1. Utah is awesome. And Might I point out that we have grass you can actually sit on and we do NOT have fire ants. Utah is awesome.


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