Saturday, December 5

T: Turtles

I just realized that I need to hurry up and finish my A-Z series before 2010 gets here! So I'll knock off a couple today.

This summer, I was out in our backyard when I found a little pit that had some eggs poking out. So of course I ran inside to get everybody. Momma and Sam came out, inspected the little pit, went back inside to do some research, and that was how we wound up with 20 little turtle eggs.

After lots of care, the baby turtles were removed from the pit (where something had obviously been bothering them--there were broken shells all over) and moved into little containers with moist dirt and put into a safe place on our back porch.

Samuel and Mom faithfully kept the dirt moist and cool for the little eggs, and the day after I left to drive back to Utah for school, they hatched! I am very sad I missed it, but they are still there (19 eggs hatched) and they are still tiny, waiting until they're big enough to survive on their own. I'm not sure what kind they are, but I have heard from a few good sources that they are quarter-sized and cute.The pit

Samuel moving the eggs to their new home
(we had to mark the top of the egg before we moved them because they attach their shell to the top of the egg, and if they get flipped over, they'll detach and die.)

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