Wednesday, September 30

I: Inspiration

What inspires you?

General Conference inspires me to be better.
(coming up this weekend!!! I'm so excited!)

President Monson inspires me to love.

The temple inspires me to try harder.

BYU inspires me to try new things.

My girlfriends inspire me to be crazy.

Music inspires me in everything!

The boy across from me that can see into my window inspires me to keep my room clean.

Zooey inspires me to wear skirts and cut bangs.

And books inspire me to dream.

Tuesday, September 29

H: Halloween

I'm not done with {H} yet. Halloween is coming and I love it so much. Candy, costumes, pumpkins, fall. It is perfect. But I need ideas for costumes. What do you think? Pirates, faeries, princesses...What to be? I am slightly annoyed because each year I go to costume parties and come back with great ideas, but I always forget to write them down. So, once again, I am in the costume dilemma department. You should all comment and leave a fun costume idea. Please. I am begging you.

This is a picture of Halloween in Poland. Isn't it awesome?

Monday, September 28

H: Hair

I know that we already moved on to I, but I am back pedaling for an important reason. My roots are beginning to become unbearable for me, and I need your help deciding which way to go. Please ignore who the pictures are of and focus on the color. I do not like Kristen Stewart, nor am I promoting her or Twilight movies. Just her hair. And since mine is about that length, what do you think?
THe second option is to go darker, or about the same color I am right now.
Let the voting Please.

Sunday, September 27

I: Ice Cream

I sure do like ice cream. Would someone like to come have an ice cream party? Call me. It will be good.


Saturday, September 26

H: Hats

But you already knew that.

H: Heath Ledger

You thought he died, yet here he is with another film. And this one includes Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law. I can't even tell you how excited I am for this to come out. It looks way too magical!

Yes, I know that he died halfway through the filming. I'm not crazy. I'm just happy that his last movie will be this one instead of The Dark Knight (no offense to you Batman lovers).

Friday, September 25

G: Glee

I kind of really like some television shows. I know that I shouldn't be looking for anymore (especially considering that I was watching Thursday night tv with Jodi and Heather on the tivo from 9:00 am to like 11:30). But I can't help it. Seriously? Glee was made for me. A musical show with incredible voices and Josh Groban as a guest star. Josh Groban people! You know, the guy that I was so so in love with. This guy tells you exactly how I feel.

You should check it out here, because it is amazing.

Thursday, September 24

G: Glasses

It is a little known fact that I have terrible eyesight, simply because I never wear my glasses. I think I can count on my hands how many times I've worn them this year. But in the spirit of all things vintage, I have found that I would not mind wearing glasses if they were a) a fashion statement only, meaning I didn't need them to see and 2) if they looked like these.


I am also lusting for a pair of cat eye sunglasses. Where can I find me some of those?

And as a side note, I love men in glasses. I don't know why, this is a recent development, but someone is infinitely more cute to me if he wears a good pair of glasses every once in

Also, while I'm dreaming, I would like to own a pair of these.

F: Flowers


I love flowers. All kinds of flowers. There is nothing more romantic than a boy who will bring home flowers to his girl and there is nothing that brightens up a room better. I'm just sayin. Time for some flowers.



Tuesday, September 22

F: Fashion Icon

Remember how I love Zooey Deschanel? And how my life's goal is to copy the way she dresses? As of today, I am doing quite well. I haven't worn anything but a skirt since school began. And it is good. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it makes in how I feel and act. I feel like a lady and I act accordingly. Stockings and heels keep me awake in class, red lipstick makes me feel dressed up, headbands and hair ribbons make me feel girlie, and skirts are so ultra feminine. And can I just tell you that people notice? I have had 3 boys in the past 24 hours tell me that I looked nice and ask me if I have somewhere to go. Also, a friend told me that he didn't know anyone who dressed like me. He obviously hasn't met Zooey. But he was right. I looked around on campus today and jeans are way too prevalent in our society. Time to be girlie, ladies. Time to be girlie.

Saturday, September 19

F: Family

I do so love my family. Isn't Samuel cute? I love that Momma loves to do Scouts with him. How cool is that? That she goes fishing and camping with him? I love it.
The other two are pretty great, too.

Thursday, September 17

E: Eva Green

I first discovered Eva Green when I watched Casino Royale (we all know what a huge Bond fan I am). And she just seemed so chic to me. So lady like, so different from other Hollywood leading ladies. She isn't a conventional beauty, but to me she is gorgeous. She's sultry and fashionable and she is always rockin the red lips. But what else could you possibly expect from a French woman?

.all images courtesy Google

E: Eat

All I do is eat. Eat, eat, eat. It's a wonder I'm not 5 million pounds already. Because there are so many wonderful foods out there that I simply cannot resist, no matter how hard I try.

For example, there is this little shop that sells cuban bread back home, and they also sell doughnuts. When I say doughnuts, I mean the most perfect and fluffy in all the world doughnuts that you must eat at least 5 of. There is no resisting.

I love sweets, but don't get me wrong, I love my good food too. Cherries, I can eat by the pound. And I have. 3 pounds, to be exact. Watermelon is also good for eating large quantities of. And raspberries? I never can resist. Cold cereal is eaten quite regularly, also.

Oh food. How great you are.


Purple Meets Perfect

We MUST take a break from the A-Z series because Miss Peonies has introduced us to the Marchesa's Spring 2010 Collection. And I can't stand it. How do I get a hold of these? Holy Hannah they're incredible.

Peonies and Polaroids

Wednesday, September 16

D: Dream Homes


Soddy I've been such a bad blogger. I blame school. Or life. Or whatever. So anyways, here is another D for you!

I love dreaming about what my home will look like when I grow up {meaning, when I'm all done with college and I have a family}. I love the idea of a cozy little place in a small town, or a lovely flat in New York City, but mostly I want a great, sprawling, Victorian home {not unlike Laura's}. You know, one with a wrap around porch, an attic and a basement and 2-3 stories. One with secret passages behind bookshelves and wardrobes, and a place where the sea is close enough to hear at night when it is quiet {like in The Orphanage!} Multiple fireplaces are a must, as well as a huge backyard with a creek and trees and secret gardens.

Too much to ask? Maybe. Not that I care.

Here are some good images to get the imagination rolling about how my home is going to look someday.




And did I mention windows? Lots and lots of windows.

Post Edit:
Bliss featured some pictures that are also very inspiring and pretty much sum up my household desires.

Saturday, September 12

D: Disney

If there's anything that does it for me, it's Disney. They are brilliant! I get chills every time I watch Ariel sing her reprise on the rock. I cry my eyes out every time John Smith goes back to England and leaves Pocahontas. I laugh hysterically every time Jane says, "And, Daddy, he took my boot!" (I can imitate her quite well.) Every word that comes out of Meg's mouth is witty and funny. And I would marry the Beast for that library (and he happens to be my favorite prince. Yes, even with his long-ish hair. I think it is the magical transformation and the light that shoots out of his fingers and toes that makes me love him so much.) I have the Finding Nemo soundtrack and can play it on the piano. It reminded me that I need to go to the Great Barrier Reef.

Ahhh Disney. And here they are, about to do it again.

The Princess & the Frog


The Bear & the Bow

(For which Google has no image.)

So get ready. Here they go again.

Friday, September 11

D: Dinosaur

You will never get angry at your computer again when it's being slow if you change your cursor to the dinosaur. When it starts working, he starts walking. His little legs and hands move. I am possibly guilty of small roaring noises and intimidating stalking of all my pictures. And it was good.

How to:

Control Panel>
change your scheme to dinosaur>
be happy. Roaring is appropriate.

C: Colour Palette

Do you have a beautiful painting or inspiration that you would like to build a room around? Welcome to the Colour Lover series on PuglyFeet. Do you find this as brilliant as I do?

ps She also does wallpaper!!!