Wednesday, December 9

Floating Away

I'm having a hard time deciding what I want out of life today.
Most days I know what I want and then I go for it.
Sometimes it's as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich or a good novel.
On other days I get more complicated and want things like happiness, motivation, and endurance.
Today I had the simple and, while the grilled cheese was yummy, it wasn't enough.

So on to the complicated.

Today I want my stress to disappear.
It will take a lot of impossible things for this to happen.
So instead, I am going to try to let that all go and simply wish for a balloon.
A hundred balloons to float me high above the city would be preferrable,
but I am more than willing to make do with one red one.

Post edit: Some random person just brought me red balloons.
My life is complete.
thank you
thank you
thank you

.via Audrey Hepburn Complex


  1. What a wonderful moment...I was so there for it!

    Reyna Rocks....

  2. Wow, you post you want balloons and you get balloons? I am going to post that I want a handsome, rich man and see what happens. . .

  3. Reyna, you are an absolutely awesome girl! I'm glad you got those red balloons! That is pretty cool, too!


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