Tuesday, January 17

crazy cat lady? No. crazy guinea pig lady.

Once, I got a guinea pig.
I was lonely.
So I brought him home.

And I love him.

He looks something like this.

He doesn't love me yet.
But don't worry, he will.

He has quite a few names:
Chuckie, Julio, Gus-Gus.
Haven't decided on a permanent one yet.
Mainly, I just call him Piggy.

He's just a little guy.
But I think we're going to be real happy together.
As soon as he figures out that he needs to eat his vegetables.

Thursday, January 12

Be the change you wish to see in the world. That's a famous quote, right?

I am loving school this year.
I know that it is only the beginning, but I love what I have already.
My most favorite is my Transatlantic Literary History class.
I'm taking it with my friend Parker and that just makes it even more fun.

Today, our reading assignment was Mary Wollstonecraft.
Parker told me he had a crush on her.
I thought he was silly.
Then I read her stuff.
Now I have a crush on her.

In a time where women didn't have a lot of rights, she defied societies standards and did as she pleased.
In her short life she
opened a school
taught herself French and German
supported her sisters, father, and the family of her best friend who had passed away
wrote and reviewed books for a publishing company
wrote many great responses to other works of her day
fell passionately in love

Oh, did I mention that she was the mother of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin?
You probably know her better as Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein.

Wollstonecraft wasn't afraid of the world she lived in.
I can't get over how much I admire her.
In her Vindication of the Rights of Women she says,

"I wish to shew that elegance is inferior to virtue, that the first object of laudable ambition is to attain character as a human being, regardless of the distinction of sex."

Basically, she's super cool.
Way ahead of her time.
And brilliant.
And passionate.