Wednesday, February 29

your own little bubble

How big is your personal bubble?

Mine is secretly quite large, but I'm always afraid that I'm imposing on the people around me if I hug attack them or sit real close.

You see, I grew up in a family where it was hugs and kisses all the time.
All. The. Time.
I know that even though I am in college, if I am home and have a bad dream, I can go crawl in bed next to my mom.
And my dad will grumble and roll over to make room.
But my mom will scoot even closer to me.
And I better hug and kiss my parents good-bye before heading to the grocery store.
Ya know, in case something happens.
And everybody touches everybody all the time.
Sometimes in a funny, gotcha! way.
Sometimes just a loving pat as you're walking by.
But nobody has a chance for a bubble.
Cause, darn it, we all want to sit on the couch and we can all fit if we squeeze and sit on top of each other.

But then I went to college.
And realized that not everyone is that way.
Some of my friends do not want to be touched.
Some are in between.
And some don't mind if you want to snuggle.

What's your bubble like?
Do you sit close to someone, even if there is room on the other side of the couch?
Do you give hugs every time you see a friend?
Kisses on the cheek?
And why are you like this?
What's your family like?

I'm just curious.

Good Day

Remember how I was going to blog every day but now 3 days have gone by?
So what?
I like, have a life and stuff.

But lucky you, today I am sick.
And with nothing else to do, since I have finished all my homework, I shall grace you with words.

Not my words, though.

I haven't been hitting or biting lately, so I think I've been having pretty good days.
In spite of.

Saturday, February 25

In case you were bored and starting to sound like the vultures in Disney's The Jungle Book

Do you have a boyfriend?
(husband, friend, etc)

Are you bored of doing the same old boring thing every week?
Like eating food and watching movies?

Me too.
There is way more to life than that silly boring-ness.
Not that movies and food are necessarily bad...
But I feel like if that is all you do you will

1. start to look like whales
b. make out all the time instead of talking
3. break up for one of the two reasons above

Unless you're friends.
Then you hopefully won't be making out.
But maybe you will start being bored with each other.

Fun time.
At least, a list of things I found on the internet machine that I would think are fun.

1. go to the park and swing on the swings

2. test drive new cars

3. go to the planetarium (BYU has a great one)

4. ice skating
(I will only do this with a boy as I am real bad at it and need someone to hold on to that one up and leave me.
Friends suck at this.)

5. go on a picnic (I have a cute picnic basket if you need to borrow it)

6. finger painting on a giant roll of butcher paper

7. rent a canoe from the Ropes Course in southwest Provo. $10 for 2 hours and they provide everything you need. Bring sandwiches, eat on the water, wear mosquito repellant.

8. go catch butterflies in the mountains in spring time.

9. go fly kites. Maybe make them first.

10. get your laptop and blankets and go into the forest and watch a scary movie. like The Village. cause it takes place in a forest.

11. croquet

12. bonfire and smores

13. art museum

14. keep up on BYU's events. And Springville's. Cause they both have awesome stuff right now, like Opera Scenes (Mozart this year) and The Importance of Being Earnest.

15. Demolition Derby

16. rodeos

17. graffiti up campus (or your neighborhood) with side walk chalk and quotes that may or may not be confusing and disturbing out of context

18. heart attack your friends and neighbors

19. drive around Utah lake

20. tandem bike ride

21. bike down the canyon at night (my flavorite)

22. find the tallest building in town, make paper airplanes, see who wins

23. poetry reading

24. make a fort and read books out loud to each other (make sure there are white Christmas lights involved)

25. go to the library

Guess what?
This list is really for me.
Not you.
But I figured you might be able to benefit anyways, since I'm nice and all.

Friday, February 24

the prettiest thing on earth

I am obsessed with the human body.
I think it is so beautiful.

Remember how our bodies can do so much?

My roommate just signed up for a marathon.
Can you believe that the human body can run 26 miles in one day?

Have you ever been to an opera?
That the human body can produce a sound so glorious is triumphant.

I can watch videos of ballet on youtube for hours.
I can't believe the control that it requires.

Every time I hold a little baby I am mesmerized.
How can something so tiny be so perfectly formed?
And have the capability to grow into me?

I think that I need to take better care of my own body.


1. Follow the food pyramid
2. At least a half hour of exercise each day

Also, freckles.
I want them.
Curse my skintone.

Oh welcome back

I realized that I don't really blog anymore.
Once upon a time, this little ol' thing was getting over 2,000 hits a week.
No, that isn't the same person who has a secret crush on me.
That 2,000 different people.
(Thank you, Google analytics, for helping me brag.)

But then I discovered Tumblr and Pinterest and boys and work and school.
And those other websites just made it easier to save all the things I liked without having to work.
And my biggest fault is laziness.
(Trying to kick that. Starting small. Don't hate if you aren't seeing results. The fact that I have showered/taken a bath every day for the past month is HUGE.)

So since most of you dear readers are people who actually know me, maybe I shall turn into one of those boring blogs that only updates you on my life.

Or maybe I will return to enjoying writing for writing's sake.
And posting things that I think are so wonderful that I can't help but share.
That one.

Goal: Post once a day for 30 days.
That should get me back in the habit, right?
And since I actually enjoy it, it should be easy shmeazy.

Here we go.

pretty picture courtesy of My Tumblr.
you can go there if you like looking at pretty things or if you like thought provoking quotes.

Wednesday, February 15

The Venus Project

So Italian artist Anne Utopia Giordano recently did the Venus Project, where she photo shopped the famous paintings of Venus to fit today's standards of beauty.

I want to know what you think about how they look now.

Because I just can't get on board.
My favorite thing about the original paintings is the shape of the woman's body.
It is real.
It is beautiful.
And I've always celebrated my own body when it looked a little bit more like the beautiful women in the paintings I adore.

And it makes me stop and wonder,
Why does our society currently place such an emphasis on being thin?

Because a woman's figure is just as beautiful to me with all the curves.

Post edit:
After reading my friend Shannon's response to this (which you should read), I think I need to be more clear. For me, it isn't about being thin or curvy that is better. What it's really about it loving your body for what it is and not trying to change it to fit an ideal. Some women are naturally so tiny (like my mom!) but I would be just as against drastic measures for them to fit the ideal, if it happened to be different than who they are. And I did a little bit of editing of my words to fit my thoughts better with my meaning.