Wednesday, June 29

Birthday Madness

I am 22 now.
A real big girl.
See that list over there on the side?
I haven't thought about it in awhile.
So it's going to get a make over.
Maybe tonight.

In the meantime, here is a picture of me enjoying pizza with my favorite Talana on my birthday.
I like this picture of me.
Because I like silly pictures.

Sunday, June 19

I'm like crafty or something

Once, I took 7 ugly chairs

worked real hard

and made them beautiful.

It was easy.
And I feel awesome for having done it.
Although my fingers are a bit sore.
Worth it.

Thursday, June 16

A Modern Mephistopholes

Oh look!
Rory Pond
{aka Arthur Darvill}
is going to be Mephistopholes.
In Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.
At the Globe.
While I am in London.

He is going to be perfect.

More info here.

I like stuff.

I keep finding the coolest things.
A transparent kayak?
Yes, please.

You want to give me $1500 so I can buy it?
You are so kind.

Summer is here and I work a lot and am really busy. That is why I am a bad blogger.

I have been the worst blogger ever.
But I'm coming back.
Starting with JCrew.

I would wear every one of these outfits.