Friday, July 31

Why I Am Dangerous To Have Around: Reason 3,457

I pour pots of boiling water on my stomach. Not on purpose, and only when I am trying to drain the pasta.

Now I look funny.

Perks of Being Mormon

Last night, I met David Archuleta. This is for reals. Because when he comes to town, we sometimes get him for a fireside. (For those who have no clue what that means, a fireside is an extra meeting, besides our typical Sunday worship, that was originally held around a fireside. The name stuck. Even though we have them in our church buildings now.)

Anyways, I had his cd before. Meaning, Tyler had bought it and put it on my ipod. But when I was informed that I could only have 5 itunes accounts on my ipod, David Archuleta was the first to go. But then he sang last night. And it was incredible. He didn't sing Crush, or anything. He sang We'll Bring the World His Truth. And Be Still My Soul. And The Spirit of God. And his How Great Thou Art blew Carrie Underwood's out of the water. No contest.

(This is a video I found on Youtube. Which is why it is awful sound.)

It was true love.

Or, it would have been, but then I met him. And he is pocket-sized (but still oh so cute). And he is only 18. And there was an amazingly adorable missionary sitting 2 rows in front of me. Don't worry, Mindy. I don't ever talk to him. I know the rules. But I do stare. His face is so cute, I could eat it. Why oh why do they put boys as cute as he is in the Singles Ward? It is not wise.

Thursday, July 30

Why Samuel Is Going To Make A Great Vet

...because he gives the nasty bunny with flies on his bottom a bath.

Piratey Girls That Rock

Coeur de Pirate || Comme des enfants from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

Why am I taking Spanish? Why not French?

Much love, Coeur de Pirate. You are amazing.


Dear Tiffany,
Please hurry and get your phone back. No consistently texts me but you.
And it makes me sad.
But not sadder than those creepy texts the guy who stole your phone sent me.

Dear Tiffani,
Do not go to Nicaragua.
I will miss you too much.

Dear Elfie,
Have you found a place to live yet?
And please never ever ever write a post like that last one.
I am still throwing up.

Dear Kenzie,
I love that wedding dress. I love those suits. I love those flowers. I love everything.
Expect Jason to return tomorrow. He will need nursing. I shot him, you see.

Dear Taza of the Rockstar Diaries,
You have two options:
1. Hide your husband, and hide him well. I might steal him.
B. Send his brother my way.

Dear Sugarland,
Come to me. Do not wait until September 25th. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
Just come.
One of your biggest fans

Dear Jessica,
You are awesome with all your service work in Fiji.
One day, I will be like you.
I can't wait.

Dear Momma,
I wish that it was Donny Osmond coming to the fireside tonight instead of David Archuleta.
But only for you.

Dear Tavi,
Cute shoes. I have a pair myself.

Wednesday, July 29

Book of the Week

Is it ok that I love Forever Amber? It has been one of my favorite books for so long. My mother has had a beautiful little shelf with all of her special books. You know, the set of Oxford classics, the 100+ year old Jane Austen books, Dante, Charles Dickens, all those wonderful ones. I always wanted to read all of them. I obviously got a little bit stuck with Thomas Wolfe's Of Time and the River, but then I found Forever Amber. And I began a love affair. The massive length of the book was what first recommended me to it's charm. For we all know that the longer the book, the better. I can't stand it when I love a book, but it simply doesn't last more than a day. But Amber has 746 pages to her name. And even though Amber is not the best of role models, nor Lord Carleton the most desirable of all lovers, her ridiculous efforts to climb the ladders of society and her undying, passionate love for the man who will never give her what she wants, is fantastically written and keeps drawing me back, every single summer.

And it was good.

Tuesday, July 28

Tree Houses

Once upon a time there was a lovely blogger. And I sometimes got confused because she wrote things that were in my head. And I started getting suspicious. Was I writing these posts in my sleep? Is Laura of the wonderous Gypsea Tree my alter ego? Or just a long lost twin of sorts? Because, believe it or not, a few days ago I was about to write about tree houses. Then I looked on Gypsea Tree and she had beat me to it. Weird. Head over and check it out. And be thankful. For I'm sure that there is no way that I could have found all those awesome pictures.

ps Do you like my new header? Say thank you to Picasa. Because I get to proud when I see it, and a strange feeling of bliss enters my heart as I begin to dream of the Outback. Ya know.

Monday, July 27

Lazy Days

Today was lazy. And when I say lazy, I mean lazy. I didn't put on any makeup. And for those of you who know me, that never happens. Even on a completely lazy Saturday with nothing to do but clean, I will still wash my face and put on my mascara. At least I took a shower. That has to count for something, right? I felt a little bit like this. And that was when I realized, I have got to do something with my life. So I came up with a few little goals.

1. Brush up on my Spanish. After all, school starts in just a little over a month, and I passed Span 101 by barely 2%. So I might maybe should start up on that.

2. Finish 3 classics before school starts.
Anna Karenina is the first on my list. Have you any suggestions? I am working on Forever Amber, but I enjoy it so much and I'm not sure if it's really a classic. More of an old, incredibly well written beach read.

3. Start saving to go on a walkabout in Australia the summer after I graduate.

4. Finish my bureau that I started to refinish.

5. Organize my room. Because, trust me, it needs it. Desperately.

What are your summer goals and plans? Is there anything you're thinking of accomplishing in the next few weeks?

p.s. Do you know who Rosie Hardy is? Incredible! I am finding myself mesmerized. Darn Flickr. It's like when I found Peonies and Polaroids page all over again...

.credit Rosie Hardy via The English Muse

Soundtrack to My Life

I need one. I need the soft music swelling in the distance. I need ominous music when I am about to do something stupid. I need a romantic love theme that plays when a certain wonderful boy walks into my life.

My mother might have looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to tell her about it this morning.

Sunday, July 26


I am depressed. So so depressed. Because Kings was cancelled. The one good show that they put on in forever. I mean, I love my 30 Rock, Grey's, and all the other ones, like Samantha Who? (cancelled) and Brothers and Sisters. But Kings was so so good. It was David and Saul. Yep, from the Bible. Only in a modern kingdom. And it was incredible. I dare you to watch it. Or, you can choose to not get depressed by getting hooked and only having like 12 episodes to watch. But you would be missing out. Promise.

And since I am not going to have a whole post just dedicated to t.v. (no, X-Files did not count. It was on dvd), I am going to include a movie. About me. Or my life goals. Guess what it is? Oh, that was too easy. Yes, it is Australia. Please don't give away the ending. I am in the middle of enjoying this epic adventure (hey, it's super long. Like 3 hours 45 minutes. For reals.) Oh Baz Lurmann, you know how to tug my heartstrings.

Also, I am very tan. I have great tan lines. I can't wait to show you.

Wednesday, July 22


I did something wrong today.

I was bored and needing something to read. Something light and slightly trashy. Not trashy-in-a-bad-way, but trashy-in-an-easy-read-way. Something light and entertaining. I'm reading Anna Karenina (Tolstoy is genius!), but it is a little heavy for my mood of the moment.

Confession time: I might have resurrected a Twilight book. You know, the ones that I used to enjoy before they became famous, before all the hype. I'm not ashamed of this. I was desperate. However, the glitter was lost to my enlightened eyes (sorry for the pathetic reference, my dear die hard Twilight fans).
But this is not the worst of it. The worst of it is that I, not wanting anyone to see me carrying around a vampire book by Stephanie Meyers, might possibly have taken the cover off of Anna and placed it over the black and red ribbons of Eclipse. I have sullied one of the greatest Russian authors. I am shamed beyond recognition, for this is a sin for which there is no forgiveness. Please do not shun me forever.

Sunday, July 19

Quote of the Week

"People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading."
~ Logan Pearsall Smith

Saturday, July 18

Adventures in Hairland

Thursday night, I was finally sick of my roots. My 3 inch roots. Now, they weren't that bad, because my hair is pretty dark and was blending in well. But I could see them and it was enough. After I picked up Tiff from the airport (YAY! She's finally home!) we watched Amelie and she dyed my hair. And she did a great job. She was precise and efficient. And then I rinsed it out. My roots were an orangey, brassy color, and the rest of my hair looked fried. It was bad. Especially since I had used that particular product before and we followed the instructions. Ugh.

So Friday morning, I set an appointment at a cute salon near my house to have it fixed. And the place was very nice, the girls very posh, and it smelled heavenly. Like lavender and a million other lovely, natural and earthy scents. I fell in love. And the product! I didn't know that there were so many hair products out there!

My hair dresser, Jessica, looked like Jessica Rabbit. Except she was wearing black and had the most perfect hair I have ever seen. Seriously. And then she dyed mine about 2 shades darker than I would have liked, but promised that the sun would lighten it nicely. So I believed her. And left happy. My wallet was happy to, because it was not nearly as much as I expected. I mean, my hair is very long. And it took 2 1/2 hours with two people putting in the dye. So, ya know. I was impressed.

But then I woke up this morning. And it is very dark. Like, almost a purpley black. What does this mean? It means I am going to the beach soon. And possibly pouring lemon juice in my hair and laying out. And I am rinsing it out everyday and washing in twice every other day. Until it fades to the color I want. Or, I could be simple and cut bangs. Because the first time I went dark, bangs made me love it. On the other hand, they are a hassle. Hmmmm....

Pictures to come. I promise. Because Tiff and I are taking lots and Sam loves the camera too.

Friday, July 17

Samuel Quotes

"I wonder who the genius was that came up with the toilet." (after an extensive monologue about the gallons per flush capacities of certain models)

"I like knives and bows and arrows and fishing and things like that. What do girls like?"At this point, my father proceeded to tell him that girls like things like lipstick, and clothes, and romantic things. Sam's reply? "That's just weird."

Sam. "You know, you could stand to do a few squats."
Me. "Why? What do you mean?"
Sam. "Well, your legs are looking a little jiggly. Come to think of it, you should probably do some sit ups and lift weights too. It will help you look a little better."
Me. !!!!!!!

Oh to be an eleven year old boy.

Thursday, July 16

Ghostly Flowers

I ran across this picture and was reminded of my old love for Indian Pipes. Lovely and enchanting, no?

Wednesday, July 15

Real Love

I had to buy new tweezers today. Because my little brother's Rabbit has fly strike. That is where flies lay eggs on animals when the weather is hot and the animal has a damp spot. The eggs hatch and the maggots make their way into the animal and kill them. It is painful and gross. Poor beasts. And Sam's Rabbit is getting old. Ya know. He can't clean his...*ahem* ...bottom so well. And Sam, being the dutiful pet owner that he is, checks the poor thing over for problems (yes, he wants to be a vet). And then he finds maggots on a very sensitive area. And comes inside with wild eyes, looking for tweezers and iodine. And since my tweezers are the easiest to find, he uses them. And I let him. And support him in his maggot picking endeavors. (By the way, he pulled off about 50 of those nasty little things.)

This is real love. Sacraficing your personal grooming for a bunny's bottom.

P.S. Remember how the Rabbit has to be held upside down for this procedure? And how he let's Samuel pick maggots off of a very sensitive area, holding still the whole time? And he endures iodine being poured on him? What a Rabbit!


I need something to read. You know that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you forget to eat breakfast? That is how I feel without something to read.
I've read several books in the past month, including The River Wife and Fragile Eternity, and I am currently reading Anna Karenina. But I need some more. I need something a bit less heavy, but well written. I bought a book about the Elizabethan court that I've been trying to read, but it is too fantastical and not well written. I had to put it down.
Do you have any light, fun reading that I simply have to read? Please share! I'm dying here.

Tuesday, July 14

Turtle Turtle!!

We found turtle eggs in our yard today. Something had dug them up and cracked a few, leaving ants to swarm the area. We Googled it and found that if we left them alone, the ants would kill them. Don't ask me how they were going to crack the eggs, what with their tiny little ant legs. But, choosing to believe the internet, we created a little habitat for these eggs. Did you know that you have to hold them the way that they were in the ground? Apparently they attatch to the top of the egg, whichever way the mother lays them. Moving them about brings death. And I don't want baby turtle death on my hands. So we marked the top with a Crayola marker. And we await their hatching day. I just hope that it's before I leave for Utah. I would love to see their cute little faces. Pictures of the event to come. For now, here is a picture of a baby turtle to satiate your need for all things cute. My underlying motive is to make you jealous that you do not have turtle eggs in a basket on your fireplace.
Do they look grumpy to you? Because they look grumpy to me. Like they want to kill something. Maybe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wasn't all lies. Maybe they do have a bit of violence in them.

Sunday, July 12

Illegal Immigration

Excuse me as I get political for just a moment. Heather, this is for you. Because Twitter only gives me 140 characters to respond. Obviously not enough.

No, it is not okay to mock those who are not as fortunate as those of us born in the United States of America. That isn't why I found Martina's statement funny. I found her mocking of political correctness to be funny.

For the record, I love immigrants. That is what America is made of. All of us here have progenitors that immigrated here from other lands. Our diversity and welcome to those who are looking to escape demeaning situations is what makes our country special. That is what America is.
That being said, I think it is important to go through the proper, legal channels when entering a new land. The drain that illegal immigration causes to our school systems, our health care, our law enforcement and criminal justice system is unacceptable. Not to mention the effect that these things have on taxpayers. I would love to be involved in helping those less fortunate than I to be included in the wonderful benefits that our country has to offer, whether it be welcoming them to our land or helping them build the same kind of beneficial government in their own lands. I understand the hard times that Mexico is enduring right now with gangs, drug lords, and their own version of the mafia taking over innocent civilians lives and rights. That is not a good environment for anyone to have to endure and I would welcome them to escape. But legally. I believe in obeying the laws of the land.

That's all.

Random Thoughts

I watched Support Your Local Sheriff last night and it was awesome. Oh how I love that movie. Obviously.

There is an adorable new missionary in Singles ward. Completely awesome and completely unattainable for the next few months. But at least my brother is the new Ward Mission Leader. Woot! When this kid heads back to Provo, BAM!!! Done son.

I love the new NBC show Kings. It fascinates me. I find myself drawn more and more to government type things. Oh, and I saw this guy again today that works for Military Intelligence. Nothing bothers me more than knowing that he knows exciting secrets that I don't. Because he told me today, "I could lie and tell you that I don't know anything exciting, but that would be a lie." Grrrrr....

I ran over a armadillo last night. I tried to stop for him, but then he ran under the tire that I swerved. I heard it and felt sick. And then I started driving again (there were cars behind me). And he was dragging under the front end. It was awful. He finally let go with a clunk and when I looked in the rear view mirror, he unrolled himself and walked off. For reals. Just like a cartoon. Those darn animals are indestructible. Impressive. I wish I was like that.

This is what should have happened.

But this is what really happened.

Saturday, July 11


Tito (Octavio to Tavi to Tavito to Tito) always refers to himself in the third person. His favorite things to say?

"Tito eat."

Wouldn't it be funny if we all spoke in the third person? Let's try it for a day.

Lucky Me!

As I rode home on the handlebars of my boss's bike last night, I realized that that is not normal. In fact, it's a little bit weird. How lucky am I? These people are amazing. I mean, Friday night campfires, Fourth of July parties, and endless days and nights of just hanging out. Not to mention the cute kids. I can't get enough. Because I love them THIS MUCH.

Thursday, July 9

Pretty Things

Today I discovered some lovely photography. Enjoy.
Is this even real? David Doubilet


Lauren Dukoff


Before I wrap up my week of wonderful women, a shout must go out to my lovely friends. The ones who know me for all my craziness and choose to love me anyways.

Alissa and I grew up together. We were the bestest of friends before we even knew what it meant. We played together, planned our grown up lives and loved the heck out of each other. She moved to Utah, but I love her still. She even got married (which is so crazy but so good!) and I am so amazed at who she has become.

Talana moved in when I needed someone more than anything. Alissa had just left me and I was an insecure 13 year old. Talana gave me the confidence I needed to become the person that I am today. I hate phone talking, but Talana and I talked for hours. I remember the year she gave me Shakespeare's Complete Works, feeding a lifelong passion, and a pirate coloring book for Christmas. It was one of the best holidays ever. We made cookies and loved loved loved each other. I think she knows everything about me. It was hard to move to Utah and leave her, but no worries. After school and stuff, we will find our way back together.

Tiffany and I began to go to the library each week together and before we knew it, we couldn't live without each other. I introduced her to X-Files and avocados. She introduced me to Amelie and otter pops. And so it began. This next semester as roommates is going to be awesome.

Kenzie and I bonded over this past semester and I love that girl. She brings a smile to my face every day with her cute happiness. I can't wait to spend more time with her.

And last but not least is Jessica. I think we have to give credit to Tyler for our friendship, because we were both too shy to initiate it. We met in English class our first semester of college and I miss our early mornings in the library. But I am excited to live with her next semester. We are rockclimbing buddies and I feel like I could tell her anything. Because she is beautiful and kind and amazing. She is in Fiji doing humanitarian aid. How cool is that? Men, she is the perfect woman. Good luck.

Wednesday, July 8

Who me? A Vampire? Never!

It was late. Bad things happen late at night. Right? I mean, that's when I do all my stupid stuff. Like watch Twilight. It wasn't supposed to happen that way. I was supposed to watch it with Kenzie and mock every minute. I wasn't supposed to enjoy it. What is wrong with me? Plenty. So here is my long overdue review.

Not bad. Fantastic sets. The background was amazing. To die for really. Washington? Here I come. Camera work was a little bit shaky, but there were some great shots. But they needed to trash and rewrite the scene where he tells her that he's a vampire. Cheesy and pathetic. And you all know me. I eat cheese and corn for breakfast.

Ugly. I'm sorry, but he is not dreamy. However, he played his part very well and very convincingly. So kudos to Robert Pattinson.

I could have done without. If the subtitles had been on, she would have been scoffing before each word. It's cute when Scully *scoffs* once an episode. But she knows when to pull back. Kristen Stewart, pull back before the 800th time. Please.

The last scene was fantastic. How I do love gazebos! The vampires were amazing. They embodied everything they should. Good work, my little cast members. Sexy? Check. Unnaturally pale? Check. Jasper? Yum.

The end.

Monday, July 6

On A Side Note...

I was just looking at some amazing boots that are coming out this fall and I possibly grunted in satisfaction. Like a Caveman. Or my brothers. Ugh, I think I've been home too long. Maybe.
See? You can't help making a noise of satisfaction, can you? I just hope that yours was more ladylike.

shoes via Piperlime


I have officially decided to make this Wonderful Women Week (and practice my alliteration while at it). So here I am going to feature some wonderful women who have influenced me for good. Everyday people that I can't live without.

Today I am starting with my roommate. You know, those girls that you meet and are terrified because you are going to be LIVING WITH THEM! And you don't really know them, so you just pray that they don't kill you in your sleep. Then, two weeks later, BAM! You're friends. Buddies. And you hang out, and watch movies together, and give all the boys that walk through your door funny nicknames. And because I like to do things in organized groups, like 3's and 5's and such, here are my 3 favorite roomies that pretty much changed my life.

1. Captain Katie the Kelly

My very first roommate. The one who curled up with me my first night when I was a crying little wimpy freshman who was desperately homesick. She kept me safe from Creepy Produce Man and Soup Boy. Then she left me for Chile. But I love her still and longingly await the day of her return.Katie took me for my first time sledding. Rock Canyon Park is the best!

2. Dawna

Dawna and I were best of friends immediately upon meeting. I think it's because she was curled up on the couch with a book, muddy buddies, and an America's Next Top Model marathon playing on tv. She invited me to sit next to her and pretty soon I was hooked on the best laugh ever and the best shoulder to lean on. Her perfect star atop the already glamorous tree? She loves Support Your Local Sheriff. Done son. Dawna and I are a packaged deal. Well, we will be when she gets back from Scotland.

Team Waldo on game night. Our motto? Accept defeat. It hurts less.

3. H-face

Where to begin? Heather introduced me to the finer things in life: X-Files, Lady Antebellum, Vegas, Wicked, Costco water bottles. You know, all the things that you can't believe you lived so long without. She became my confidant, shared her clothes with me, and sometimes swore at me. All while keeping me entertained with stories of work and her love life. And it was good. I love that she is scared of spiders and that she is obsessed with JoDee Messina. She didn't leave the country like the other two, but she graduated. Why does everyone leave me?

Post Edit:
I forgot to mention that Heather introduced me to blogging. Without Heather, you would have nothing to read. I know! Impossible to imagine!We like to get into trouble on dark, rainy nights.

So those are my ladies. Don't you wish you knew them? They look very cool and and when I am with them, I feel very awesome, hoping that some of their amazingness will rub off on me. So far, no luck. But don't worry, I have the rest of my life.

Sunday, July 5

The 3 Most Wonderful, Bestest Women Ever

As I watched two of my three favorite women in the whole world today, I was struck with who I want to become. I believe that this life, the reason for our existence, is to grow and become better people. There are three women that have influenced my life beyond words, that have given me the ultimate examples of who I want to be.

1. My mom:
Of course. I don't know anyone who could write about the most influential women in their life without the first one being their mother. Even my own mother (who had, in my opinion, a pretty crappy mother/daughter relationship) tells me that she couldn't be who she is without her mother.

As our family struggled through some deep thoughts tonight (that's a nice way of saying that we hollered and cried), I was stuck by my mother's strength. By her deep understanding of right and her commitment to her family. I don't know anyone so loyal and I can only take little steps at a time to reach the level of love and passion for family that my mother has. A lesser woman would have walked away a long time ago from the trials that she has faced, but my mother could never dream of such a thing.

Of course, there are a million more things that I could spend hours on, and one day I will. From homeschooling to the millions of vegetables in our house, my mother brings amazing things to my life.

2. Tiffani:
I remember meeting Tiffani and thinking that she was the most beautiful woman I have ever met. We joke that we fell in love faster than she and Rand did. I can't get enough of her. I just want her all to myself, all the time. Because every word that comes out of her mouth is kind and good and real. And everything that she does is touched with love and understanding. I don't know anyone else who is so accepting and so loving. Everyday, I think about how Tiffani would handle something. Because she is the tangible proof that I need to be reminded that I actually can achieve something very like perfection. 2 years, and I haven't found anything I don't like about the woman. You might laugh, but that is only because you have not met her. I will warn you now: It is impossible not to want to be with her and love her, once you get that first little taste. I am continually awed that she still wants me around and let's me be with her family on a regular basis (who, p.s., I love so much. Too cute!). Hopefully, it's because a she sees that maybe one day, if I work very hard, I might just be able to be an 1/8 of what she is. Because that would be enough.

3. Beth:
Could anyone be more generous than Beth? I don't really think so. Could anyone accept me more than Beth? Probably not. Because she sees me for who I am and loves me. Whether I like it or not. And let me tell you, I like it. I drink it up. Beth is family. Beth is the big sister that I never had, the one with all the life experience without ever having to really experience all of it, because she got married at 19. Beth shows me what it is to be married and in love and life at the same time. Because Steve is her second half. I couldn't live without them. I ask her all the time, what would I do without you? And she used to say that I would be fine, but we both know that isn't true. I would shrivel up and die. I wouldn't be going to BYU, that's for sure. I wouldn't make it a week. From a car, to letting my use their washing machine, to their sweet, sweet children, I am nothing without them. Acceptance is very important to a young, teenage girl. Beth and Steve gave that to me and continue to give it. I will forever be grateful to Lyn for calling me up and telling me her friend Beth needed a babysitter.

As I thought about all this (you are a Super Hero if you are here, close to the bottom!), I realized that while each of these women have their own unique qualities that make me love them, so many of these things about them are interchangable. How lucky am I? I got three of them. Three! Most people are lucky to get one. It's ok, you can be jealous.

Saturday, July 4

Stars and Stripes

Renember how I used to blog all the time when I really didn't have the time? But now it is summer and I possibly have more time, but I am not blogging as much? It is weird, I know. I could lie and tell you that I am about to fix that, but I have committed myself to telling the truth. So, you get what you get. And today, you get some Happy Fourth of July! wishes. Because I love our country. I mean, I have very romantic ideas about traveling, but I can't believe how amazingly lucky I am to live in America. When I start thinking about it, I wax sentimental and begin to think about the Revolutionary War and Davy Crockett. Or Lewis and Clark and The Declaration of Independence. And then I remember country music, and watermelon and cheeseburgers and hot summer days and Tennessee and running through the sprinkler in the backyard and Star Spangled Banners and millions of other things that are all-American to me. Even though other countries probably enjoy them too, I like to pretend that they are my own. Oh, In-n-Out Burger. Other countries don't have those. So I will claim them. But for the record, I don't like firecrackers.

I do love my country.

"In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children."
~Captain Moroni

Wednesday, July 1


I am Negative Nancy. Skip the next few paragraphs if this bothers you.

Things that annoyed me today:

1. The rain that made my hair freakish.

2. 2%, 1%, and skim. Basically, I just like whole milk.

3. White bread.

4. Lack of sweet things to eat.

5. All of my clothes are dirty except for the cute-but-uncomfortable ones.

6. I realized that I am out of touch with one of my friends. A.k.a. it looks like he is dating someone and I am sad that he didn't tell me. (I hope that you know who you are/that you read this.)

7. I have nothing to read.

8. I only have 3 episodes left of season 4 of Sexfiles.

9. I am breaking out.

10. I started getting horrendous headaches.

11. I realized that I am going to really miss my family when I leave them soon.

Now that that is out of my system, lets flip the coin over and be happy.

1. The rain was amazing these past few days. Very magical.

2. I am going to see Sugarland, Lady A, and Miranda Lambert in just 3 weeks.

3. A cute boy flirted with me (he was a missionary, but he goes home to Provo in 1 week, so I let him slip under the radar.)

4. I found my Superman tattoos.

5. I got a cute new wallet so I can give Alexia's-that-I-stole back.

6. Elfie sent me not one, not two, but THREE great presents. What a wonderful non-friend. If I didn't know any better, I would think she loved me or something. (It being nigh unto impossible for her to remember birthdays and all...)

7. I got a wedding invitation for a cute friend.

8. I lusted after cute swimsuits on Anthropologie (oh, and was annoyed that they cost $250).

9. Found some red lipstick.

10. Momma made banana muffins.

11. I ran out of happy things. Sorry, the negative conquered me.