Saturday, June 26

Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Um, YES! I could have written this. Just to let you know.

The Choo Choo Monies Club

Dear friends,
I think it is time to introduce you to one of the best parts of my life.
The Choo Choo Monies Club!
Members include
and Me
We have a few honorary members,
Danielle (she's one of the more permanent ones)
and whoever else joins us.

We also have our own troubadour, Rob. He is also a great cream soda supplier.
Basically, every night for the past month or so, we've gathered at one of our houses and played Choo Choo Monies (more commonly known as Ticket to Ride) and danced and eaten and watched movies.
And it has been awesome.
Now I'm gone to Florida for 6 weeks, but I can't wait to be reunited with my favorite people (besides my family, of course! Jeez, Mom, don't get mad...)

I love you guys!

ps I stole all your pictures off of Facebook. Why don't we take more pictures?

Wednesday, June 16

Awkward Acknowledgements

Tonight I went to the hot tub
(never happening again. It made me itchy.)
with my posse
(more on them coming soon!)
and I saw this girl there.

I think I know her.
I mean, knew her.

I think my brother liked her once.
And I'm pretty certain we went to Girl's Camp together.
She's maybe 2 or more years older than me.
And her name is possibly Olivia.

Sitting less than 4 feet from each other, we did not acknowledge that maybe we might possibly know each other.
Because that's weird.
It felt weird.
There was nothing I wanted to say.
And I always thought she was snobby anyways, so no need to get into that.

You know what I'm talking about?
It's like, when you sit next to that kid for a whole semester but 2 years later pretend like you've never met when you walk by them on campus. And if you catch their eye and smile, they quickly look the other way or suddenly get a text.
You know exactly what that is.

It's awkward.

Friday, June 11


This post isn't about me being sleepy, although I usually am these days. I just accidentally hit the z button instead of the shift button and was too lazy to change it or think up a clever title.

I've wanted an iphone for awhile now.
But I've restrained myself.
Because, you know, I'm like a really poor college student.
But then they keep coming out with all these cool apps and I keep going over my budget to try and see where I can cut corners to afford paying my own phone bill.
And I could do it.
But common sense holds me back.
Like, how I'd rather spend that money on things like cowboy boots.
And how my laptop is enough of a time sucker.
So I try not to think about how much more convenient it would be to carry around one little gadget instead of both my phone and my ipod.

But my irrational wants aren't the purpose of this post.

Today I read that Steve Jobs (you know, that Apple guy) is against pornography.
Here's a quote (from here).

As you might expect, this has triggered a frenzy among some critics. Ryan Tate, a writer for the Gawker website, sniped at Jobs about suppressing his customers’ “freedom,” prompting Jobs to respond, “Yep, freedom from programs that steal your private data. Freedom from programs that trash your battery. Freedom from porn. Yep, freedom.”

When Tate replied that he didn’t want “freedom from porn,” Jobs answered, “You might care more about porn when you have kids.” In a correspondence with a consumer, Jobs went even further, speaking of his company’s “moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.”

Morality in a major corporation?
I love it.

More information on how and why I feel the way I do about pornography found here.

Thursday, June 10

Developing Some More Musical Skills

The last Boy played guitar
(and sang and wrote songs and performed at local venues and it was lovely...but I digress)
and for the first time ever I wanted to be able to play guitar.
So I'm determined that when I go home in two weeks for the rest of the summer that I'm going to learn.
Because Matthew (remember him?) is going to teach me. He doesn't know this.

And then I saw this case today and was inspired by the vision of myself carrying my guitar on my back as I walk around town.
One day, when I can spend £115 on a guitar case, I will be awesome.

I Can Hear Music

Favorite songs this week include

I Give It All by He is We

Pistol by Dustin Kensrue

Birds by Kate Nash

and Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show


A List of Weird Things I Do While Sleeping

1. Take off all my clothes
2. Put on all my clothes (including things with tricky hooks and buttons)
3. Take the painting above my bed off the wall and lean it on the other side of the room
4. Put my hair up in a bun

I wonder what it is that I'm dreaming?

Wednesday, June 2

Month to Month

May was not kind to me.
I got in a car wreck.
I got dumped by the nicest, nicest Boy I've ever met.
I missed the bus on a regular basis.
It snowed on the 23rd.

June has already proved nicer.
I got a cheap plane ticket home.
Window Boy saved me in my dumpy car.
And now he's fixing it.
What a hero.
I'm maintaining a decent grade in Spanish.
I've been running every day and I feel good.
I'm living vicariously through Miss Marzipan's love life (an nyoung!)
Jakeb found passes to Seven Peaks water park for half price.

And everything is going to be alright.

Did I mention I'm tan?

For the love of all things decent

Please please go here and share you thoughts with me. What does this mean? As a lover of all things classy, I believe that couples like this one should be shot. I am dead serious. Did you follow the link? You will agree, I'm sure.