Tuesday, December 30

The Beach

My family found this quaint little beach this afternoon. It isn't too big (actually very tiny) but it is friendly and fun. There was a boardwalk and I took a million pictures. There were crabs that we caught too. I just love my family!

Saturday, December 27

My Hair

Since I cut and colored my hair, I have gotten both positive and negative feedback. My family didn't even recognize me when I got off the plane (bangs + glasses = Who is that crazy lady?). At first, my mom didn't like it on me. She said it looked cute but it was drastic and different. She likes it now, but liked my old hair better. My girl friends all said Oh my gosh it's hot! and all the older people (not like old, but like mothers and such) say It doesn't look like you...
I want your opinion. Cute or not?

Wednesday, December 24

Tuesday, December 23

Book of the Week

The Mysterious Benedict Society
by Trenton Lee Stewart

This is a fantastic children's novel (of course, what else do I read?) that Dawna gave me for Christmas. I found it tucked away in the front pocket of my suitcase when I got home, which was a lovely surprise. I am not quite done reading it yet, but I like it so far! It is a bestseller that got a Newberry medal and was Editor's choice, so it was highly recommended! If you like kiddie books, then you will like this one.

While we are on the subject of children's books, let me tell you why I like them. I will quote Philip Pullman on this one, and he will adequately convert you.

"There are some themes, some subjects, too large for adult fiction; they can only be dealt with adequately in a children's book.
The reason for that is that in adult literary fiction, stories are there on sufferance. Other things are felt to be more important: technique, style, literary knowingness. Adult writers who deal in straightforward stories find themselves sidelined into a genre such as crime or science fiction, where no on expects literary craftsmanship."

And I am throwing in this one because I love it and I completely agree.

"Stories are the most important thing in the world. Without stories, we wouldn't be human beings at all."

Sunday, December 21

The Lizard

A True Story from the lives of Packer People

Once there was a little girl who loved lizards. One day, she found a baby lizard in the house, so she picked it up and put it on the front of her shirt. The poor lizard was hanging on for dear life, and was quite afraid to move. So the little girl walked around for a couple hours. Then, it came time to take the doggie to the vet. The little girl did not want to put down her new friend the lizard, so her parents (being kind and understanding) let her keep him on her shirt as they strapped her into her carseat. When they arrived at the vet, the lizard was still hanging on, and her parents were amazed. They made it all the way to the waiting room, and then the lizard chose to make his escape. In all the confusion, the poor lizard got stepped on. His sudden lack of movement made it easy for the little girl to pick him up and put him back on her shirt. Unfortunately, the lizard wasn't able to hold on any longer (being dead and all). So the little girl did what little girls do. She pitched a fit. Her father, being a very creative man, asked the front desk for a piece of tape. So the little girl walked around the rest of the day with a dead lizard attached to the front of her shirt.
The end.

Chickens and Stickers and Mazda3's

What makes you fiesty? What is your sensitive subject? Is it politics? Or cheating lovers? Or is it something a little more complicated, like not being able to find where your wife put your BB gun in the garage, and you need it to protect your children's pet chicken from the raccoons that ate the last 3? (Rand, age 34) Or is it something simple, like not being able to figure out how to get those cute stickers onto your nails? (Mekena, age 4) Or is it when your friends throw you to the wolves when the girl you can't stand most in this world offers you a ride home from the Singles ward? (Me, ageless)

And what do you do about it? Do you get all spicy and keep calling your wife until she remembers? Or do you have a total meltdown because it is way past your bedtime? Or do you sit quietly in the back seat and make silent death threats to the driver? What do you do?

Friday, December 19

New Life Plan

1. Finish college (major in Humanities with an emphasis in English)

2. Go to the Midwife College of Utah

3. Move to Brisbane Australia for a year

4. Go to some fancy school. Maybe Cambridge or Oxford or Georgetown or something.

Thursday, December 18


Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet,
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

W.B. Yeats

Beautiful Things

I love this blog!!!! The photography is amazing! I spent hours looking at them all, just fascinated.

Fainting Goats

Oh my goodness this made me laugh so hard. I really want one of these now.
I keep wondering now, how have they survived? As soon as a predator comes along, bam! They are on the ground. It's like asking the thing that's going to eat you, "Would you like fries with me?"

Wednesday, December 17


Who is done with finals? Oh, that would be me. And who had a very stressful day yesterday? Oh that would be me.

1) Dawna texted me at six am telling me to leave early because there was snow. I am so thankful she did because I had an exam at 7 and was planning to get up at 5. But that text woke me up. I have never ever gotten ready so fast in my entire life. Hoo boy.

2) I slipped on the way up the stairs and dropped my notebook everywhere. Stupid snow.

3) We aren't going to talk about this one. I am still not quite sure what to do...

4) The plane from Cincinnati was delayed. Stupid snow.

5) Florida is hot! I usually love it, but hello! I've been used to the cold and the jump to 80 degrees is intense! I might come back with a tan though. Too bad I forgot my swimsuit. Suck!

SO there are 5 bad things. Here are 5 good things:

1) I AM HOME!!!!! I missed my family so much and I am so happy to be with them.

2) Tavi loves me. He thinks that I am amazing and he keeps bringing me all his toys.

3) It's so nice and warm here! I will never be cold again.

4) I get to see Packer people today! That's right, be jealous.

5) Christmas is in 8 days!!!!!!!

So Happy Christmakkuh to all!

Sunday, December 14

Snow Fell Last Night.

Today when we got home from church, my home teacher threw some snow at the car. And then his roommate threw some too and it hit me as I got out of the car. I escaped but Dawna got caught in the mail room. I bribed the man away with a cupcake, and Dawna thanked me by throwing snow down my "cleavage". So I chased her and she wound up on the ground. I felt bad because I stepped on her and she was hurt. Happy Holidays everyone.

Saturday, December 13


Ooo lovely! This is my new favorite! Now I lust after beautiful things like this ring.
Thank you Etsy!

Thursday, December 11

A Place to Hide

Have you ever met Prince Charming? I have. Just once. Sure, there have been others who liked to pretend that they were, but they weren't. They were just weak imitations of what Prince Charming should be. What no one tells you though, is that Happily Ever After isn't all that real. Prince Charming doesn't always stick around. I think that would be ok, and I could get over it, except for that we go to the same school. Sure, with 36,000 students you would think that we would have a hard time running into each other. What are the odds that he would happen to have a class in room 445 of the MARB the hour before mine? I'm not sure, but every time that I saw him this semester, my heart hurt. Which was about 3 times a week. Did you know that mountains are great things to climb up and hurt and cry on? Because they are. They broaden your perspective and make everything seem smaller. That makes it easier to deal with. So my advice to those of you who have lost Prince Charming to another princess, Go find a mountain.

Wednesday, December 10

Book of the Week

Okie, His Dark Materials is actually a series, but I recommend it to all! You remember the movie, The Golden Compass? It was based off of Philip Pullman's Northern Lights, and it is actually way better if you read it. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the books, but I find them to be rich in meaning and Pullman to be a masterful storyteller. I am constantly in awe, every time that I pick them up. For the more conservative of you, I would advise you to stick with the Chronicles of Narnia if it is an allegory that you are looking for. To the rest of you, those of you who can read and learn from it without making a fuss, I encourage you to read it with an open mind. It did not shake my faith, but reminded me of why I am so grateful for what I know. These books are full of truths and meanings, things that can be found everywhere if we are looking for them. The alethiometer is so similar to the liahona, and worlds without end are easier to understand when put in a children's book. Even though Pullman doesn't like C.S. Lewis or Tolkien, that is exactly who he is next to on my bookshelf.

p.s. I recommend the reader's guide to the series by Claire Squires if you get a little confused by all the jumping between worlds.

Coming up:
My favorite winter tale!

Llamas? At BYU?

Why yes. Just another great reason to go to school here.

Up close and personal with Oscar the Llama. He kept humming at me while I stroked his neck. He loves me you see.

This is our amazing Biology professor with his llamas. He raises them and we (meaning Davey and Moon, we all know I hate math) figured he is worth about 3 million. I had no idea that lamas were so expensive!

The Llama Parade! I wonder what the kids on campus thought when he was walking them across campus and up the stairs in the MARB. Ahhhhh! "It's a crazy llama man!" or "Time to transfer to Harvard..." or "I think he's crazy." Whatever it was, I wish I could have seen their faces.

Saturday, December 6

Only at BYU...

...would a law student from the apartment complex next door have to do a service project for class that included taking out as many people's garbage as he could in ten hours. Welcome to Happy Valley.

Friday, December 5

Book of the Week

This was amazing! I always wanted to run off to sea, and so this was just my cup of tea. I was a little tense throughout it though because she is being chased by a bad guy (of course). But William was wonderful and it was full of swashbuckling adventures! 5 stars!

Thursday, December 4

Thank you, C.S.Lewis

When Dawna and I watch movies, it is a very vocal affair. Especially if we have seen it before, as was the case with The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The most common phrase heard was "He is beautiful!" But we both aimed it at different characters.
Unless it was Edmund of course. So the real question is, Who is it? Prince Caspian the tenth?

Or High King Peter the Magnificent?

And how in the world am I going to watch the next movie, when Peter is replaced by Eustace Scrubb?

Friday, November 28


We just finished our sculpture unit in my Humanities class, and my love for Michelangelo has been reawakened. Can you understand why?
I look at this and have to remember that it isn't real. The folds are intricate and the detail is mesmerizing. I am amazed that a human being could see this inside of a block of marble and have the capacity to coax it out of the harsh stone, creating something so gentle. I can feel Mary's pain when I look at this, and at the same time, her complete and utter faith that her Son is Divine, and that He will live again. Who knew that you could capture that in a block of stone?

Thursday, November 27


If you are a dreamer, come in
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A Hope-er, a Pray-er, a Magic Bean buyer,
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin
Come in!
Come in!
~Shel Silverstein

The Cotton Ball

Crazy Horse wants to get a dog. She says that we can teach him to pee out the window so that no one will suspect us for breach of contract and he will be our little Knight in Shining Armour.I don't really like him. (We will call him George. Doesn't he look like Mr. Washington?) I just think that he will get all yappy and big and nasty and then he will have that brown stuff all over his eyes and mouth and we will have to shampoo him all the time. No thank you. I want a cat.

Monday, November 24

Monday Night Blues

It's late and I should be going to bed, but I keep waiting for Heather to come home so we can watch X-Files. I forgot that she is not here. Sad! I guess I will watch a movie and eat her ranch dip before it expires. What I really want is some cold cereal, but I am all out of milk. I can't buy any because we are leaving tomorrow and I don't have enough cereal to use up even a half gallon of milk. Sad.

p.s. I don't like the movie The Pursuit of Happyness.
So I am not getting married anytime soon. I haven't even been on a date in forever. But, I want these invitations for my bridal shower when I do. Add Image (via weddingpaperdivas)

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

This is the car I want. Dawna says I am stark raving mad. But I can't help myself. Really? Really.

via autobytel

Super Missionaries

This is my brother (on the right). He is on a mission. He is also crazy. But I love him.

Sunday, November 23


I went to see The Dark Knight last night, and I must admit, I was a bit disappointed. Everyone had told me that it was so wonderful and I would love it (except for Dawna, who I simply must learn to listen to a bit more...), but it was not my kind of a movie. I was up late trying to figure out exactly why I didn't like it, and I came up with these 3 reasons:

1) It was too realistic.
I know what you're thinking. Batman is not realistic. But I don't mean it in a superhero sense, I mean that it takes place way too close to the regular world. Most movies happen on a totally different plane. There are two crazy and fantastic organizations, and the good one must stop the bad one from executing their evil scheme that will destroy the world. Most of these movies do not take place in the every day world. I think I was frightened, not necessarily by the joker, but by the situations that we taking place too close to an ordinary level. Does that make sense? Ask me a specific question if it doesn't and I will try to clarify.

2) Chaos
I have to have organization. From the very first moment I saw the Joker, I knew that he didn't have a motive, and that frightened me more than any monster on any scary movie ever could. He even gives a little speech about how he is the agent of chaos, and that was honestly the darkest thing I had ever heard. In Isaiah 27:1, Isaiah speaks of a leviathan that represents the forces of chaos that opposed the Creator. I remember the feeling I got the first time I read that scripture, and it was a moment of fear, and then utter relief that there is something stronger than chaos.

3) Too many climaxes
There were about 3 different times when I thought they should have started wrapping up the movie. Reminiscent of Transformers, it kept going and going, and you start getting tired, and having more than one climax is obnoxious, but you can sometimes make 2 work.

So that's my opinion. Feel free to disagree, I really don't mind.

Saturday, November 22

Weddings, Weddings Everywhere!

Dawna and I went with The Lovely Bride to try on her wedding dress for the final adjustments. I think she looks simply beautiful. I am in love with little wedding dress boutiques, and this one had the best dresses I have ever seen. You should have seen some of these ethereal creations. It was intense!
Check out her cute shoes!

I think that the veil completes it.

Cute Cute Cute

Friday, November 21

The Epitome of Manliness?

Why, yes. I think so too.

Morocco Here I Come!

I am feeling the desperate need to have my own little flat and decorate it in a chic Moroccan style. I love the floor, I love pillows, and I love bright colors and intense design. Why yes, I think that this is the perfect style for me while I am on my own. A brilliant idea.

Thank you Finola Inger for these brilliant suggestions.

I can always switch to my perfect Pottery Barn style when the babies start coming.

I want to lay my head on this pretty little pillow for a few hours in the afternoon sun. Sound pleasant? I think so.

Fabulous Friday

What kind of face wash do you use? My favorite is Origins. They are the best ever. I love love love Checks and Balances™, A Perfect World™, and Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Face Lotion.

Thursday, November 20

Embarassing Moment of the Day

Walking out in my cami and panties, not realizing that The Lovely Couple was occupying the futon. They're so darn quiet! Hopefully their eyes were closed.

Chicken Fried

I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fit just right, but I hold onto the hope that they are out there somewhere. A pair of jeans that is so wonderful, I could even sleep in them and be happy. They can't be impossible, can they? I mean, every body sings about them, comparing their perfect loves to a favorite pair of jeans. So, I am still on the look out for a cute pair of jeans, not too tight, not too loose, that make me look hot and feminine and fit just right. These ones from Abercrombie and Fitch are looking good. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 19

Love Love Love

Some things I love today:

1) Raspberries
Yummy Ummy! My favorite snack!

2) Books
Everybody knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with books. I cannot walk into a bookstore, because I will buy books instead of food, and that leaves me in a very nutritionally poor situation. These pretty books are via book/daddy

3) All natural mommies
I am a huge advocate for mothers who chose to go the natural route. I find home births, breastfeeding, and stay-home mommas fascinating. One day I will be as cool as my momma and all of her friends. nienie is pretty neat too.

4) Brides
How fun are weddings? I can't wait to be a bride. The romance, the flowers, everything about it is magical. Cute couple via Wedding On Frame

5) Ballerinas
These are the most elegant creatures. Everything about the art is fascinating to me. I wish that I could do it, but I don't think I have the time, patience, or dedication that it would take.
Ballet beauty via This is Glamorous.

6) Peonies


Be reckless enough to gamble all or nothing to follow your dreams.
~John Galliano
I am currently a Humanities major with an English emphasis. I am toying this week with the idea of being an International Relations major. Hmmm... you think I could do both?

We aren't going to discuss the inspiration for this. Jessica already laughed hysterically when I told her.

Tuesday, November 18


I want to BE the Little Mermaid.

Dawna and I got to talking about amazing stories and the Little Mermaid is on the tv and I basically just want to abandon my life for a life at sea. I could be happy as either a mermaid or a pirate. Did you ever read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle? She technically wasn't a pirate, but living on a ship at sea is the most romantic life I could possibly think of. Living in a Jane Austen novel would be tempting, but I'm afraid that the social confines of that kind of society would bore me after a while, where as a life at sea would have just the right amount of sunshine and adventure for me.

One of my favorite stories if all time is Kraken by Peter Dickinson (you can find it in Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits). I can't give it away, but the story of the princess and her lover being attacked by pirates is more fantastic than I could have ever imagined.

Monday, November 17

The X-Files

Yes, my roommate has converted me to the ways of the X-Files. I watch it with her and do the dance and I have fallen head over heels in love with Fox Mulder. Oops. It wasn't on purpose, but it's too late now.

We made a new nickname today...

Gropey McGee. Be careful around him. He is kind of touchy-feely.

Sunday, November 16


So all men that stepped into our apartment/lives last year were named. For instance, there was Soup Boy. He found out that I was sick (no one told him it was with mono...) and he made me soup. Not just chicken noodle, but full on MADE me a veggie chicken thing soup. I never got any, I wonder what happened to it. But after that we called him Soup Boy, and I even went out with him once, but when I see him randomly, I struggle to remember his real name.
The next was Creepy Produce Man. We met him in the produce section of Macey's. Katie said he was weird and creepy, and Dawna said, "He touched my butt!" Well I waved them off and said he was just being nice, and that no he didn't touch Dawna's butt. I ran into him a few weeks later, agreed to go out, and yes my friends, he was Creepy. With a capital C.
Mendenbar, King of the Enchanted Forest came about when Katie Kelly the Most Wonderful Series, Dealing With Dragons. A description of King Mendenbar just fit our one long and lanky friend so perfectly. Unfortunately, I slipped and let that one out, so we cannot refer to him as that in front of him and get away with secrecy.

Quantum of Solace

Oh, I forgot to mention that I love James Bond and I am so excited for the new movie that just came out. I will let you know what I think when I go see it this week.

Yummy Ummy Recipes #1

Here is a recipe for The Absolute Tastiest Salsa Ever! It's one of my favorites and a staple in my diet. I make it a lot and I like to think that it is healthy. Vegetables are always good, right? And I use light dressing, so its all good.

Corn and Black Bean Salsa
1 can of black beans, drained
1 can of fiesta corn, drained
1 can of Rotell tomatoes, drained
some cilantro
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/2 bottle of Kraft Zesty Italian dressing
1 Tablespoon of lime juice

Mix it all together and refrigerate for a couple hours to let all the flavors meld together. Yum Yum!