Friday, November 18

1:00 am

Lying in bed, almost asleep, when my phone lights up.

Him: Are you asleep yet?
Me: Nope. What's up?
Him: Just wanted to say hi :)

Because apparently he didn't see enough of me that day or something.

Tuesday, November 15

I'm just like, the best cartoon character ever

My friend Joey
(who is, by the way, one of my most favoritest of people in the whole wide world)
drew a picture of me.

Isn't he talented?
He really captured my essence.
All the way down to the crazy face, the hand gestures that make no sense, and the bangs that won't ever stay down.
(Sigh. Those bangs are going to be the death of me. What was I thinking when I cut them?)

Basically, I have been begging him for a picture of me for awhile.
I never imagined that it would be so perfect.
I seriously love it SO much.
So much.

His bloggity blog has more of his works.
But none are as cool as this one.
I promise.

Monday, November 14

Four the Record

I've had Miranda's new album for a bit now.
I was an idiot for not listening to it.
Because as my roommate plays it while we make breakfast,
I realize that this is all I am going to listen to for the next 10 years.

Text of the Day

"Sorry for keeping you up, throwing you into the bushes and picking your nose and putting your boogers in your mouth while you slept..."

Guess who it's from?

Thursday, November 3

fezzes are cool

I chose to be the Doctor for Halloween.
More pictures from the awesome Cali trip later.