Tuesday, December 8

Ten (or Eleven)Things I Hate About Tuesday

You think it's pretty, huh? Snow is tricksy like that. I bet you wouldn't like driving this either.

I am a firm believer in equal opposites.
I think the Universe is, as well, and felt the need to counteract my happy Tuesday of last week.
Stop here if you don't want me to drag you down into the mire.

1. There is snow.
And I had to drive in that nasty stuff.
Please remind me that I love BYU.
Because I hate Utah right now.

2. Even though it is 1 degree out, my room has got to be in the nineties.
Not a lie.

3. The last assignment of the semester (to write a radio script for my advertising class) is hanging over my head.
It's due at 11:00 am and I haven't even been able to think of what product I want to write a jingle for.

4. My phone has done nothing but receive calls today.
No texts (to or from) and no phone calls from my end.
I feel lonely, detached, and ready to trade in a few fingers for the returned use of my phone.
(Cell phone, cell phone you're my heroin...sing along now!)

5. I have been waking up each hour for the past few nights.
No explanation.

6. I feel really fuzzy right now.
Which is mostly synonymous with blue/cloudy/under the weather/Eeyore-like/cranky.

7. I was irresponsible yet again (surprise!) and now plane tickets for Christmas have jumped beyond my price range. And I hate using my credit card.

8. The cute boy I have had a crush on for months has no inclination to ask me out, despite not a few successful and fun interactions.
I am starting to doubt what little feminine charm I thought I possessed.

9. I ate around twenty peanut butter cookies.

10. A certain four year old felt that entertaining her for 4 hours was absolutely necessary, despite the long list that her mother gave me to take care of most certainly proved otherwise. And because I am cranky, I did not appreciate being asked every 5 minutes (not an exaggeration) to provide entertainment.

And because I am cranky, here is another one

11. I was so tired (from being up all night) that I accidentally fell asleep from about 5:00-7:00 pm.
So I'm gonna be up all hours.

Happy post coming tomorrow, so don't fuss.


  1. 1. Snow hater! ;-)

    8. Boys are dense all over. It's not you.

    Yay for happy posts!

  2. Amen. And if you would like to boycott winter, let's.... hm. I was gonna suggest swimming, but that would be heck. Bagels?

  3. In with the good air out with the bad!
    Just think in a week you will be building your credit and happily walking around in shorts and a tee-shirt in Beutiful Florida! Where the children don't always entertain themselves but the are cute Packer Children! You can sleep all hours of the day or night, there are no finals... and while I cant make any promises about the "So Called Men" down here. There is always ME!

  4. Sometimes, there are just days like this. It makes them worse when it's cold and snowy. I wish I were going to FL with you. Take my love to everyone there.


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