Friday, November 26

Holly and Jolly


After waiting and waiting and having to put up with roommates hating the music I began playing in October, it's finally here!


My favorite.

I love:
the feelings in the air
the bundling up to go out into the snow
the warm fires
the way my house looks, all cozy and peaceful with the tree and garlands (thanks, Mom!)
the music
the food
the family
the wonderfulness that is Christmas


Tuesday, November 23


Tonight we are supposed to be getting a massive blizzard.
BYU keeps sending me texts warning me about it.
Biggest storm in years, apparently.

So we did what any smart college students would do:
We plugged in our computers so we can watch movies if the power goes out.
We charged our phones and ipods.
Christine bought granola bars and ritz crackers.
I'll supply the peanut butter.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
Of the storm, I mean.
I keep imagining that it will be a Laura Ingalls sort of storm, with huge drifts and all.
But I think I'm expecting too much.

I just really want to walk on the roof to get to the neighbors.

Sunday, November 21

Ice Cream is always the right answer

Every once in awhile, I run across something that reminds me of a great memory and I get super happy.
Today, it was this picture.

Those dipped ice cream cones reminded me of Bo's Ice Cream.
It's a little place back home.
It's been there forever!
And they have the best ice cream.
It might not be that good, but I remember going there with my mom.
I remember going there with the whole family.
I remember Jana Andrews taking us there after dance lessons one day.
It makes me happy.
It's a good place to be.
It's a good place to remember.
And that butterscotch dip was fabulous.

What's one of your favorite places?


Happy Birthday, Sammy!
You're officially a teenager!
And although I'm still a bit uncomfortable with your new, deep voice on the phone, I am excited that you're growing up.
13 is going to be fun.
I promise.

And even though I'm too poor to send you a birthday present, I am singing birthday songs under my breath for you.
So if you hear some creepy singing, it's probably me.

I lurve you.
I luff you.
I loaf you.
Because love is not enough.

ps This is still my favorite picture of you, taking care of your gross bunny :)