Monday, May 31

Monday Playlist

1. Boys With Girlfriends Meiko
2. Skinny Love Bon Iver (and Ingrid Michaelson's cover of it!)
3. Song for the Angels Great Lake Swimmers
4. Happier A Fine Frenzy
5. Electric Twist A Fine Frenzy

I thought that I'd start sharing some of the songs that have been occupying my time. So here are five that I've thoroughly played to death this past week. Lurve.

Friday, May 28

Daily Affirmation

I'm gonna start doing this every single day. Somehow I think life will be easier with that kind of attitude.

My Space

Wanted: The man who lives in this room. He looks awfully amazing.

I feel like the best way you could ever possibly get to know me is by coming up to my room. Everything hanging on the walls, stacked on the bookshelf, and dancing in the closet screams more about who I am than an hour alone with me ever could. Isn't that fascinating?
Because of this, not very many people have been in my current bedroom. It's all me. And that's kind of scary. So if you've actually been in my room (and you don't live with me) then you should feel very special. Because you're one of very few. I mean, a couple people have slipped by, but for the most part, my space is pretty VIP.

Tuesday, May 25

Everything You Need

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.


Dear mom,
You have everything you need.
Although I would add music and me to the list.
So, really, you have it all.

Monday, May 24


I don't have the fondest memories of prom. I mean, I was homeschooled. So maybe I'm bitter towards the whole thing. But I went with a friend. Maybe 2 years in a row? I don't remember.

The point is, I don't love the idea of prom. And I hate those dresses. I bring this up because the above picture was on my Facebook home page today. Hopefully 7 of the girls in the picture will have no idea that I think their dresses are hideous. Ok, maybe 7 is a little harsh. I know the girl in the middle in green. I think her dress is lovely. I also think the girl on the end in the aqua color is decently clothed.

But the orange? Really? And the weird color 4th from the right? Prom dresses are already silly and not so classy. What were their parents thinking, letting them walk out looking like 35 year old playboy bunnies? Ok, done ranting.

Keep it classy. Aka don't let your daughters out of the house dressed like that.

You can now be as cool as it gets.


If there is one material possession that I need in this world, it is a Penguin Book mug. Preferably the Wuthering Heights or the 1984 one. You know.

Sunday, May 23

Happy Birthday, Moose Man!

(His silly happy face is so like my own)

So I have this little brother.
And yesterday was his birthday.


So exciting!

And I love him a lot.
And I don't know if he even reads this, but I'm going to post it on his Facebook so he has to.

He's the one I call when I hear a ridiculously stupid joke that I can't tell to anyone else without getting socially rejected forever.
And he even laughs at them.

He's the one who is politically savvy and passionate.
Look out, America. He might run for president one day.

He's got this mop of curly hair that is adorable, but he won't let me touch it.
One day I'll wear him down with pomade.

He's sarcastic.
But oh so nice.

And he has this little silly voice that he uses when talking to the pet guinea pig that is sappy and so ridiculous that you could puke with the sugary sweetness of it.
He got that from me.

He hates vaccuming, but he does it anyways because mom always asks him.

And he's really good at guitar.
Like, really good.
He's going to teach me some songs this summer.
He has really big muscles. Watch him whup Dennis at stick pull with no problems.

And great musical taste.

He embraces all his quirks.
And so do I.

Because he's awesome.
And he has more courage in life than I ever will.

Which is nice.

I love you, Moose/MongATongTongHongEWong

Happy Birfday.

I'm Not That Girl

You know, the one who is always perfectly accessorized. I am not a girl who wears a lot of jewelry. I have my CTR ring, my sailboat toe ring (thanks, Talana!), and sometimes a little pair of gold earrings. Anything other than that rarely happens.


If I were to wear any other jewelry, these would be on my list.

A Tiffany's ring

Some stuff from Anthropologie

And this ring, only with my own constellation (which is Cancer, in case you were wondering) instead of Gemini. (source)Oh and here's a picture of my CTR ring, in case you were wondering. It's absolutely lovely and I adore it. (source)

Friday, May 21

Some Notes

Dear Frohike,
Isn't it funny?
I don't know how I made it to 19 without you.
Fanks for being there when I'm whiny.
And when I'm sad and lonely.
And when I have the mean reds.
And when I have weird dreams that are too inappropriate to share with anyone.
And for every other time that I can tell you anything, even when it's dumb.
(Especially when it's dumb.)
And for being the only person who understands me completely musically.
If you were a boy, I'd chase you to the ends of the earth.
Thank goodness you're not, so I can just have you whenever I want without having to worry about all those complicated emotions.

Come back soon.

Because I miss you.
(And I'm getting the mean reds and you're so good at keeping them away.)
Love, Mulder

Dear Word Girl,
Really? Japan? It's so so far!
But not even a whole ocean could change my love for you.
Hurry home with lots of stories to tell me.
My love for you is like a loving river of loving love.

Dear Boy,
Really? No.
I do not want to be your friend.
Maybe tomorrow.
You are a male siren in all your hot glory. I'm plugging my ears.

Dear 30 Rock,
Thanks for making me laugh out loud last night.

Dear Danielle,
You are amazing.
From Swan Princess to Spanish help to German pancakes.
I need you there for all of it.
Best neighbor ever.

Dearest Michelle,
Our dinner party is going to be the classiest opening event of the Spring season.
I can't wait.

Dear Utah,
Giving me a ticket was stupid.
I did not cause that wreck!!!!

Dear Legs,
Suck it up.
Walking and bicycling is good for you.
If you behave, I'll find you a good running trail and maybe take you hiking.

Dear Body,
Thanks for slimming down and tanning so nicely.
You're looking good these days.

Dear San Francisco,
I'm looking for schools and apartments.
I'll be back soon.

Dear A Fine Frenzy,
Could you get any better?
I want to be you, Alison Sudol.


Sunday, May 16

Random Fact

Did you know that if an octopus gets stressed out, it will sometimes try to eat its own arms?! I know. Weird. I'm full of amazing random facts.


A friend of mine took me home with him for a little mini vacation. And besides a couple bumps and bruises along the way, I think the trip was a success! I fell in love with the town of Oroville. San Francisco convinced me that I want to move there (it was really easy! All it took was a trolley, a ferry, and a couple seals.) I hiked up to a waterfall, got a decent tan, ate my weight in cherries, and made some amazing new friends. Don't be surprised if I leave Provo as soon as I straighten a few things out. Because I'm in love. With California, that is.

Get ready for some melodrama. I'm back in the blogging world and I'm gonna be interesting for a bit. Bah ha ha. Enjoy.