Tuesday, December 1

Ten Things I Like About Tuesday

Me and Dawna doing what we do best

1. I got a letter from Dawna. For those of you who don't know, Dawna was one of my first roommates here at college. It took us about a week to discover that we were each other's missing half. And then she left me to serve a mission in Scotland. Nice for her, bad for me. Her letters are the highlight of my life right now.

2. My World Religions class is UH-MAZING! Seriously. Take Alonzo Gaskill. The 8:00 am hour is so worth it. I am constantly amazed at how much he knows and how much I have learned about the beautiful religions in our world. It also helps that he is very funny.

3. Tuesday is Taco Night at Del Taco. 3 for a dollar. And way better than Taco Bell.

4. Jessica made pumpkin cookies. I think she is trying to make me fat. Curse her.

5. I finally checked the mail (first time in a week) and we all know how much I love getting the mail. That little box was chock full of goodness. It was amazing.

6. I got to take the kiddies I watch to the park. Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove is amazing! Why didn't we have something like that back home when I was a kid? Why do we still not have something like that?

7. This book I'm reading, about the Salem witch trials, is fascinating. I'm almost done.

8. I listened to Lisa Mitchell's Wonder album at least 4 times. Not an exaggeration, thank you very much.

9. Bishop Burton gave a wonderful devotional that I only got to listen to half of because I 1. didn't realize he was coming today and B. had to work.

10. I found out about Llama Caroling this weekend. Each group of carolers gets a llama and a shopping cart to fill with food for the needy. Don't ask me how I found out about this. Just embrace the awesomeness that is BYU.

The llamas in my Biology class last year

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