Saturday, February 16

Post Valentine's Day

Whelp, another Valentine's has come and gone.

This year was different.
It was the first year that I didn't miss the first boy I ever loved.
The last time I saw him was Valentine's Day 2008.
And it took me a really long time to get over him.
I compared every boy I ever liked to him and none were ever good enough.

Not this year.
What a refreshing feeling.
I had a dream about him last night.
And there was no longing.
Just laughter.

I am content.
I have loved and I have been loved.
And I love and am loved. 
What a nice feeling. 

Thursday, February 7

Dead Grandma!!!!

There was this one time my friend made this funny little series. 

Dead Grandma! Episode 1: LIBRARY from Mummy Space Island Productions! on Vimeo.

Monday, February 4

what makes you laugh?

Today as I laid on the floor and giggled, I thought about the things that make me laugh the most.
And I came to the conclusion that there are 3 things that make me laugh so hard I cry and can't breathe and want to never ever stop.

1. Funny cat videos

2. California Speed with Troy

3. Being with Talana, Matt and Joey/remembering funny things that we did or talked about together