Friday, May 29

Just a May

Watching... Season 3 of The X-Files. Scully and Mulder just keep getting better. I always thought that I wouldn't enjoy watching the beginning after I saw the ending, especially after Scully and Mulder get it on. But I love it still. Oh, and Batman is on tv right now, so that's going on too.

Reading... Just finished A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson. It wasn't that good, for the main character was so perfect that she got annoying. I started The Once & Future King again and am currently remembering how wonderful it is.

Listening... Ingrid, of course. Well, Joshua Radin, too. I love their duet, Sky. She & Him has been pretty high on my list too.

Making... Apple muffins. And a mess in the kitchen.

Wanting... An ihome. I am dying without my music every morning. Oh, and a car. It is Friday night and I am stranded at home because my family went camping.

Promising... To clean up the kitchen after I'm done cooking.

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Wednesday, May 27

Sometimes Stories Come True

Once upon a time, I ran across an old caboose that was for sale. It was red. It was perfect. I wanted it badly. Mom and dad said no. It looked like the one above, only more rundown. Dad told me that it needed a lot of work and would wind up being quite expensive, and was I willing to do the work required/did I have enough money? Sadly, my ten year old self and Mr. Caboose went our separate ways. There ended my dream of being magical, or slightly like the Boxcar Children.

Until today.

Today all my dreams were revived by GypseaTree. And something much better than a caboose.

What is it? you say. Well, I reply, it is a real live gypsy wagon. With personality, and stories, and character bestowed upon it by its inhabitants in years past. And it will be mine. As soon as I have a beautiful house, I will have a gypsy wagon to put in the backyard. It will be mine. I will write in it. I will dream in it. Try not to be jealous, for of course you are invited over to share. I will be making lemoncake on Wednesdays.

.caboose courtesy of Edward K Hoo (it really is for sale if you are interested)
.gypsy wagons via Gypsea Tree
.website for said gypsy wagons (warning: you have to understand French for this one)

Tuesday, May 26

Summer Project

It is possible that I have already told a good number of you, because I am so excited, but I decided to find my more crafty side and refurnish my bureau and nightstand. Me and my electric sander (meaning, my father's electric sander) are slowly wearing away the nasty cream and pink (I like pink, but this is a nasty one) to discover the beauty underneath. Under my father's watchful and carefully instructing eye, I am learning a new skill that will serve me well in my future home. Woot! Pictures to come. For now, I am off to mail my missionaries 2 week late birthday package. Hopefully, he will still want me when he gets home. Peace out!

Sunday, May 24

Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

Honesty dictates that I tell you I had a hard time telling this two apart when I Googled them. I keep listening to their music to see if they sound similar. Do you think they are the same person? Or just separated at birth? What are the odds that two people who look so similar are both famous?

Saturday, May 23

Two Thoughts

1. While perusing the nearby Barnes & Noble this afternoon, I ran across this quote on a magnet (gotta love those Quoteables! They're the ones that made your journal, Elfie.)

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"

I cannot remember the last time something stood out to me so strongly. I began imagining all sorts of things! And this new game brought all sorts of possibilities. My inspiration has been renewed.

2. Unfortunately, I just got so caught up with that amazing quote, that I forgot my second thought. Oh well. If I renember, I'll let you know.

Friday, May 22

Il Divo

Oh my goodness. Why did I not know about these men forever ago? My mom and I have been watching them all evening and it is so good! Four beautiful men from all over the world, singing with their beautiful voices. It is overwhelming goodness. Too rich not to share. Enjoy.

Il Divo - Amazing Grace / RUS from ILDIVORUS on Vimeo.

My personal favorite is Sebastien, the French one, (he sings first). David is a close second (singing second). Unfortunately, they are all over 35. Is 15 years too much of a stretch? Sadly, it is.

Engagement Photos

If I felt more confident in a swimsuit, I would would want to do engagement photos like these ones. Too cute!

via Green Wedding Shoes

Thursday, May 21

The Sun Is Bright and We Have a Man

Don't you want to be them? It looks like they don't care about anything but their own little world. And they look amazing while doing it! The man that is following them certainly helps add to it. It looks so empowering to femininity. Ballerinas are the epitome of everything girlie, and these lovely ladies successfully convey that message. There is strength and capability in being as fancifully feminine as possible. Ahhh to be a ballerina.

via English Muse

Monday, May 18

Mirrors, Lights, and Bright Colours

Have I told you how much I love carousels? I feel like there is something magical about them. It might be because I read Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. I don't get on them unless they're really big, because the little ones make me dizzy and nauseous. But I love them just the same. My best friend and I had a dream when we were growing up that we would find a carousel and ride on it with our prom dates in our big beautiful dresses. It never happened, so maybe that will be something I do this week. Dress up and be magical for a little bit.


Saturday, May 16


"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea."
~Isak Dinesen

I might add balloons to that.

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Thursday, May 14

Summertime Blues

Because Provo is the place to be.

Things I Miss:

~Someone to watch X-Files with. When I'm alone, sometimes I get scared and have to sleep with the light on.

~The amazing Provo library

~Costco water bottles

~Being able to watch Thursday night tv. My family doesn't like my shows.

~REEEEEEEEYYYYYYNNNNAAA (insert creepy voice here)

~Having a long bathroom counter that I only share with the ihome and one other person. Teenage boys are no fun to share a bathroom with.

~My car

~Rock climbing


~My clothes. They have yet to arrive on the FedEx truck.

~Frizz-free hair

Sudweeks, I love you.

Wednesday, May 13

Smelling Good

That darn English Muse introduced me to perfume ads. I think there is one for each personality. Audrey Tautou's Chanel No. 5 is mine.

Miss Dior Cherie most definitely reminds me of my friend Alexia.

What is yours?

Monday, May 11

Movie Characters

This week, I am going to tell you about my favorite books and who I think should play the main characters.

Today is A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. My favorite part is that they really are making a movie of this one, but they are in pre-production right now. I think it's due out in 2010 and I am excited.

So, for the cast:

Gemma Doyle

Ever since I saw the movie Perfume, I have only imagined Rachel Hurd-Wood as Gemma. Remember Peter Pan? She played Wendy. I think she's perfect.

Felicity Worthington

Daniel Deronda did it for me. I saw Romola Garai in Atonement, but it never crossed my mind that she fit period films so well.

Pippa Cross
Emmy Rossum is perfect I think.

Ann Bradshaw

I loved Felicity Jones in Northanger Abbey. I think she would be lovely.

Friday, May 8


So not too many of my injuries are visible, besides those viscious bruises and what Elfie refers to as "the hickey on my boob" (which isn't really a hickey, but a scrape. And it is closer to my collarbone than my boob...).

But there is some inner damage: a slightly torn ligament in my neck, bruised sternum and ribs, and the rest is in my back, but I don't really know how to explain it, not being a doctor and all.

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Thursday, May 7

Car Crash

Okay, so I wrecked my car. Poor Pinkerton! He is very angry at me. I feel awful abandoning him to the junkyard. But he is gone.


I must say, it was the scariest thing I have ever been through, but I did find out how wonderful my friends really are. Elfie not only had her wisdom teeth removed less than a week before, but had just come down with the flu. And she still came down as soon as I called. (But we aren't friends. I don't even like her.)

Jessica left work to come get me from Urgent Care (rock on, BYU Health Center!) and helped me clean out poor Pinkerton. Anything I need, these girls are there. I am so lucky. Three days and I already miss them.

I will show you my injuries tomorrow.

Addendum: Has anyone else noticed that the date on my camera is screwy? This most definitely happened on May 4th, not April 15th. Weird.

Two Good Quotes

"I forgot that you crappy people kiss each other."
~Heather, referring to my "overly" affectionate family

"Bugs did it."
Tavi, telling his father about my bruises and cuts from my car accident.

Wednesday, May 6

6 Lovely Things

I have been tagged by the lovely Laura over at Gypsea Tree. So here are 6 things that make me happy.

1. Water bottles I know that this is not ideal for the enviroment, but I love the Costco water bottles. It's going to be a long summer without them.

2. X-Files Duh. Of course this would be on my list!

3. Music Music Music: Wicked, Sugarland, Ingrid Michaelson, Lady Antebellum. I can't live without the stuff.

4. Crisp Sheets There is nothing better then sliding into cool crisp sheets. Ooo lovely!

5. Raspberries Yummy! My most favorite of all fruits. I can eat them all day every day and not get tired of them. This is for reals.

6. The sound of rain on the roof I prefer sunshine, but when it rains at night, there isn't a lovelier sound. Well, the ocean might give it a run for it's money...

And now I am tagging these lovely people

and Dandrin

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Monday, May 4

Car Crash

Details to come

Quote of the Week

"I feel like a princess, but I'm poopy."
~ Annalisa (age 2) to Jessica

Saturday, May 2

Remember How I Like Things Like This?

Oh no, this bride looks like she's from the 1940's. I can't help it. I really really like it.

via Modern Romance

Secret Wish

I have always wanted to be a redhead. The translucent skin, the cute freckles, and the hair. Oh the hair.

Like this pretty bride.

(So the black and white was stuck to the top one... But you get the idea.)

Or like Bryce Dallas Howard

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Friday, May 1

Too Early for This

After catching Squirt getting into the cabinet (which means breaking the locks) this is what I looked like. Did I mention that it was 6:45 am and that is why I look crazy? Did you know the sun was up at this time? I certainly didn't.


During the dinner prayer:

"And dear Heavenly Father, please bless Reyna that she will let us have oreos."

~said by Macy, age 4, when I told her that we couldn't have oreos because we already had ice cream earlier.