Monday, December 28

V: Vintage

Lots of blogging, I know. But I'm a tiny bit

I love all things vintage. If someone adds in that touch of old then I'm hooked. Which is a good explanation for my strange obsessions like Katy Perry's music video, Zooey Deschanel's cotton commercials, antique stores, and red lipstick. And anyone who feeds these addictions I automatically love. Cue Clay {who will spend hours with my in The Man in the Moon on Center Street}, Kenzie {who looks incredible in red lipstick}, Tiffany {who encourages me in all of this} and those little white gloves that are sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for the right event.

Can we please go back to a prettier time? One where we dressed up a little more? Where the cars were so much better? And where there were drive in movies? I'm just sayin.

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  1. i agree with everything you've said in this post from the pretty zooey commercial to pretty old cars!



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