Monday, December 28

What's in a name?

Inspired by Rebel Angels, I've been playing with anagrams. How fun is it to change up your name? I'm really really bad at it. But I don't mind.
So far, I've come up with

Lacey Keli Warren

I don't love it, so I will be playing around with the letters until I get something I like.

What's an anagram of your name? Is it a name you would go by?



  1. I think you should think of a cool anagram for me. That would be a lot more fun than me trying to do it.
    Do I need to use my full name?? Rebecca Lynn Robinson.

    Okay, go.

  2. I can't stand it! Don't you dare change your name!
    (Kay, it is a fun idea)
    but don't you even think of doing that... I might just smack you!

    I took a few deep breaths
    and realized that maybe I am just mad at that last name... yeah that is what I hate! I said it, I hate that last name!


    No, I am not bitter.


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