Wednesday, December 9

The Promised Happy Post

The coolest bookshelf in the USA. I need it for my future home. I will also need a husband that does not think these things are tacky.

via La Vie Boston


  1. Wow, pretty cool!
    I am just wondering why Idaho and the other northen states in that region are empty? Hmm... makes me wonder?

  2. Problem: When you move to Australia, you can't take it with you. Guess you'll have to give it to me when you get to that point.

  3. Ooo, I want one too! We love maps and always wanted a giant pull down one (like the kind at schools) that we could put in our dining room to quiz the kids on during meals. I got Kevin one for Christmas a couple years ago. It's awesome and has 2 maps to choose from. I highly recommend one.


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