Monday, December 28

Waves and Weak Stomachs. (and the adventure of a lifetime.)

Ship on ocean by CHGPhoto.

The whole running off to sea thing was inspired by a deep sea fishing trip my family took on Saturday. I have been looking forward to this for a month now. We all know how I love the ocean and dream of being a pirate. Well, I got seasick. WHAT?! Where did that come from? The thought never even crossed my mind that that could be an issue. So the plan is to somehow spend enough time on the water to conquer my weak stomach. And then to eventually run away and be a pirate. Maybe being a mermaid would be better plan...

Anyways, an awesome friend introduced me to this awesome idea. What do you think?

50 days on a cargo ship. $600. No baggage limitations (that's the one that got me!). Wouldn't you like to come? And see the world? I am seriously considering it. Really. I need an adventure.



  1. Reyna, I got sea sick when we were swimming with dolphins! I think just floating on the water and the bobbing of the waves did it. It was kind of crazy because I don't usually get sea sick.

    Maybe I threw up in the water. :(

  2. Traveling by cargo ship?!?!?!?! OMG I have officially found my 2010 obsession! This is epic...

  3. Girl, I need the info about the cargo ship. For Reals. I would spent at least 48 of the days sicker than a dog and throwing up, but at some point, my body has to get over it . . . right? I want the info, please send it to me. I found a little better deal, a guy wanted an assistant to sail with him, he sails all over the world and just needs a body with him. And it pays you. I almost went for it.
    PS - you can love the sea without ever being on it. Stay on land and enjoy it how God intended - in seasick like.


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