Saturday, December 5

T: Travel

We all know that I want to travel. Ever since I learned about the world and all the incredible things it holds, I've wanted nothing more than to see it all. Although I one day want to see it all, there are a few places that are calling me a bit more strongly than the others.

1. Australia
Obviously. I don't know when this obsession started. It might have been the first time I saw some science documentary about the Great Barrier Reef. It might have been when I saw Support Your Local Sheriff, or when I first heard an accent. Anyhow, my love has only increased with things like Baz Luhrmann's epic movie, Lisa Mitchell, and Finding Nemo. Oh, and can you say Koalas?

2. Great Britain
Ever since I read The Grey King by Susan Cooper, I've wanted to go to Wales. King Arthur has done nothing but make me want to haunt Cornwall, Orkney, etc. And Tamsin made me want to move to a farm house in the middle of nowhere. Sigh.

3. Italy
Is there anything more magical than Venice? A city built on water? I don't care that it smells bad. And all the history! Fascinating!

4. Greece
The clean white walls and clear water is calling my name.

5. New Zealand
Lord of the Rings made me want this one.

6. Norway
The North has always called my name. Fjords, East of the Sun, West of the Moon setting, the Northern Lights. Yes, please.

7. Portugal, Spain, France
They are all grouped together because I just want to go. Nothing specific, just the romance.

8. Peru
Llamas, Inca ruins, the Andes.

9. Brazil
For the Amazon

10. Egypt
Pyramids. Duh.


  1. I've been to Great Briton, it's incredible.

    May I suggest an addition to your list?

    South Africa. Adventure, Safari (including, but not limited to, Elephants, Lions and Zebra), Cape Town, Johannesburg and music!

    What do you think?

  2. Those are all great ideas. May I remind you that I have been to Italy (yes, even Venice), Greece and I've personally seen the pyramids in Egypt? That should be your first stop - for sure. Remember to marry rich so that you will get these opportunities. Best of luck!


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