Thursday, September 27

Soundtrack to my Summer

As the weather begins to cool off and I get away with wearing long sleeves all day and can't float down the river because it's too cold, I realize that I am not ready for summer to leave me. 

This summer was fabulous.

Not everything was perfect.
But it sure did have some fabulous moments. 
I was listening to the radio and thinking about all the songs I listened to the most this summer.
So there's one for every picture.

All This and Heaven Too by Florence and the Machine

Lounging in Parker's hammock and reading The Magic Barrel. 

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

I went to 7 Peaks A LOT with my Pass of All Passes. 
Easily the best money I spent all summer.
It's closed until next summer and I miss it so bad.
I just want to go back right now

Springsteen by Eric Church

My early morning drives to work were incredible.
I did work a lot, but it was great.
I love my job.

Niagra Falls by Sara Evans

We went to Strawberry Reservoir where Derik did some fishing.

anything Mariah Carey and Beyonce. These crawdads had soul!

We were more successful catching crawdads, though.
They really like bacon.
The best moment was when Joey wrapped his arm in bacon and stuck it in the water.
It worked!

Hell on the Heart by Eric Church

The sky continued to be stunning and made me remember why I love Utah so much.

You're Gonna Love Me by Chris Young
(I made Kenzie play that song for me over and over that night.)

I didn't get to a ton of concerts, but this was a good one. 
Kenzie and I have excited faces to see Jo Dee Messina.
She's still got it. 
What a woman.

One Thing and That's What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

The Spanish Fork Reservoir was another one of my favorites.
I went there quite a few times.

Red Dirt Road by Brooks and Dunn
(Have you ever tried to keep headphones in your and the driver's ears while on a motorcycle? It's a tough job!)

The best part was perhaps when this boy brought home a motorcycle.
Rides are less fun now that it's getting chilly.

So now it is time for apple cider and pumpkins and tights and HALLOWEEN (my flavorite!)
And normally it is my most enjoyed time of year. 
But this year it is going to have to work to win me over.

Friday, September 7

Fun Times.

So I have these friends...
And they are crazy cool.
Adorable in every way.

Here we are marching off for an adventure.

Matt doesn't like having his picture taken sometimes.

The adventurers. 

The whiners. 

The gang. 
Matt forgot how to make an excited face.

Joey took a leap of faith and came out muddy.

Aren't they the cutest?

Talana and I have been besties for 12 years, now. 
I love her still.

7 peaks silly times are required. 
The amount of energy one gets there from excitement is incredible.

The crawdad lets go of the bacon?
No big deal.
Stick your hand in and grab it.
But watch out for pinchers!

I love my boys.

You're sleeping in the car!

I love them.
And the past week or so has been a crazy whirlwind of nonstop fun times.
I have never felt so blessed.

Thursday, September 6

sort out your priorities

This is a picture of one of my pinterest boards. 
I have priorities, people. 

I did a lot of things today. 
I should have done a lot of other things today. 


Should have done the dishes
Did go see Snow White & the Huntsman in the dollar theatre

Should have taken a bath
Did eat half a carton of ice cream

Should have done charts for work
Did balance my checkbook

Should have left for work on time
Did eat a leisurely breakfast and check my email

Should have not responded to an email
Did write a scathing response and almost pressed send but then erased it and wrote a polite one

Should have done laundry
Did talk on the phone for an hour

And yet, I am completely satisfied and feel accomplished. 
Strange how that works.