Monday, December 14

Game Night

Sunday night is game night. And some weeks a lot of people come (meaning like 4, but they're really loud! So it counts.) Some weeks are smaller and quieter. And some weeks (aka today) there are firesides that interrupt. So we didn't actually have a game night. But we played some games with our friends at their house. And I have to share some things that were said. I will make them anonymous, in case certain people don't want me to share. But they were funny!!!

These were all while playing Catch Phrase.

The word is guppy
B: It's like oatmeal...
Me (sitting next to him, not on his team): How is that like oatmeal? That is a fish!
B: Oh I was reading it "goopy".

The word is Brooklyn
Me: A tree grows in ____...
J: Dirt! A forest!
Me: It's in New York...
J: Central Park!
buzzer goes off

Me: Brooklyn! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! It's a book! And a movie!
B & J: Not everyone knows that! Is that supposed to be a common literary reference?

The phrase is Remember the Alamo
T: Davey Crockett said this!
Somebody: Remember the Alamo!
J: Wait! Davey Crockett was at the Alamo? When was this?
Me: How did you not know that Davey was at the Alamo? Disney even made a movie!
everyone (including J) starts singing the song
J: How did you know that and not me? Were you at the Alamo?

A: um....
M: Marzipan!
A: that's it!

The phrase is Mardi Gras
B: It's a party in Mexico...
Everyone: Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead...
B: Nope. Wait, maybe it's in Georgia!
Me (looking at the word): That's not in Mexico or Georgia!
B: Where is it?
Me: Louisiana!
B: Oh it's French!
M: Wait, you speak Spanish! How did you think that was Spanish?

If this bores you, I am sorry. But I know that Talana will laugh when she reads it.


  1. I'm pretty sure I laughed. And I'm not Talana.

    Also, that seems like a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

    and i promise not to tell. as long as you don't let it out that the feelings might be reciprocated.

  2. Can you have a game night not on a Sunday? I want to come to one!

    I love the quotes. So Good!!!


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