Wednesday, July 8

Who me? A Vampire? Never!

It was late. Bad things happen late at night. Right? I mean, that's when I do all my stupid stuff. Like watch Twilight. It wasn't supposed to happen that way. I was supposed to watch it with Kenzie and mock every minute. I wasn't supposed to enjoy it. What is wrong with me? Plenty. So here is my long overdue review.

Not bad. Fantastic sets. The background was amazing. To die for really. Washington? Here I come. Camera work was a little bit shaky, but there were some great shots. But they needed to trash and rewrite the scene where he tells her that he's a vampire. Cheesy and pathetic. And you all know me. I eat cheese and corn for breakfast.

Ugly. I'm sorry, but he is not dreamy. However, he played his part very well and very convincingly. So kudos to Robert Pattinson.

I could have done without. If the subtitles had been on, she would have been scoffing before each word. It's cute when Scully *scoffs* once an episode. But she knows when to pull back. Kristen Stewart, pull back before the 800th time. Please.

The last scene was fantastic. How I do love gazebos! The vampires were amazing. They embodied everything they should. Good work, my little cast members. Sexy? Check. Unnaturally pale? Check. Jasper? Yum.

The end.


  1. I totally agree! I didn't read the book. I know, it's the best ever...yada, yada, yada............but I don't intend on reading it. Just not my type. I don't need another book about overly dramatic teenage romance. Sorry, but teenagers don't look or act like that. The movie was WAAAAY to dramatic and depressing for me and everyone seems like they are talking in overly dramatic whispers. (Kinda like Christian Bale does in the Batman movies) Also, nothing happens for like 70% of the movie!!!! So, we suspect he's a vampire and then he tells her he is. Ok. Now what. Finally at the end there's a little action. Geez. I only had to sit through the first hour saying "Ok, ok. He's a vampire. I get it."

  2. Obviously if you liked the movie so much, you didn't read the book. The movie lacked in every way. And Jasper? Please! We couldn't stop laughing at his clue-less-ness. And stop swearing (hasn't your dad taught you not to do such things?)

    (Emily: I'm afraid watching the movie will have ruined the book for you.)

    I luckily had the great fortune to read the book before anyone even knew it existed. That means I went into it knowing nothing of vampires and found out only when Bella did. It made the book worth reading, well, that and the Edward that I imagined up while reading the book. But now I'm done and over it.

    - mindy in Ogden


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