Wednesday, July 15

Real Love

I had to buy new tweezers today. Because my little brother's Rabbit has fly strike. That is where flies lay eggs on animals when the weather is hot and the animal has a damp spot. The eggs hatch and the maggots make their way into the animal and kill them. It is painful and gross. Poor beasts. And Sam's Rabbit is getting old. Ya know. He can't clean his...*ahem* ...bottom so well. And Sam, being the dutiful pet owner that he is, checks the poor thing over for problems (yes, he wants to be a vet). And then he finds maggots on a very sensitive area. And comes inside with wild eyes, looking for tweezers and iodine. And since my tweezers are the easiest to find, he uses them. And I let him. And support him in his maggot picking endeavors. (By the way, he pulled off about 50 of those nasty little things.)

This is real love. Sacraficing your personal grooming for a bunny's bottom.

P.S. Remember how the Rabbit has to be held upside down for this procedure? And how he let's Samuel pick maggots off of a very sensitive area, holding still the whole time? And he endures iodine being poured on him? What a Rabbit!

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