Wednesday, July 29

Book of the Week

Is it ok that I love Forever Amber? It has been one of my favorite books for so long. My mother has had a beautiful little shelf with all of her special books. You know, the set of Oxford classics, the 100+ year old Jane Austen books, Dante, Charles Dickens, all those wonderful ones. I always wanted to read all of them. I obviously got a little bit stuck with Thomas Wolfe's Of Time and the River, but then I found Forever Amber. And I began a love affair. The massive length of the book was what first recommended me to it's charm. For we all know that the longer the book, the better. I can't stand it when I love a book, but it simply doesn't last more than a day. But Amber has 746 pages to her name. And even though Amber is not the best of role models, nor Lord Carleton the most desirable of all lovers, her ridiculous efforts to climb the ladders of society and her undying, passionate love for the man who will never give her what she wants, is fantastically written and keeps drawing me back, every single summer.

And it was good.

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