Friday, July 31

Perks of Being Mormon

Last night, I met David Archuleta. This is for reals. Because when he comes to town, we sometimes get him for a fireside. (For those who have no clue what that means, a fireside is an extra meeting, besides our typical Sunday worship, that was originally held around a fireside. The name stuck. Even though we have them in our church buildings now.)

Anyways, I had his cd before. Meaning, Tyler had bought it and put it on my ipod. But when I was informed that I could only have 5 itunes accounts on my ipod, David Archuleta was the first to go. But then he sang last night. And it was incredible. He didn't sing Crush, or anything. He sang We'll Bring the World His Truth. And Be Still My Soul. And The Spirit of God. And his How Great Thou Art blew Carrie Underwood's out of the water. No contest.

(This is a video I found on Youtube. Which is why it is awful sound.)

It was true love.

Or, it would have been, but then I met him. And he is pocket-sized (but still oh so cute). And he is only 18. And there was an amazingly adorable missionary sitting 2 rows in front of me. Don't worry, Mindy. I don't ever talk to him. I know the rules. But I do stare. His face is so cute, I could eat it. Why oh why do they put boys as cute as he is in the Singles Ward? It is not wise.

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