Friday, July 17

Samuel Quotes

"I wonder who the genius was that came up with the toilet." (after an extensive monologue about the gallons per flush capacities of certain models)

"I like knives and bows and arrows and fishing and things like that. What do girls like?"At this point, my father proceeded to tell him that girls like things like lipstick, and clothes, and romantic things. Sam's reply? "That's just weird."

Sam. "You know, you could stand to do a few squats."
Me. "Why? What do you mean?"
Sam. "Well, your legs are looking a little jiggly. Come to think of it, you should probably do some sit ups and lift weights too. It will help you look a little better."
Me. !!!!!!!

Oh to be an eleven year old boy.


  1. I am leaving a comment on my own blg (weird, I know!) but then, I have been told that it isn't working...

  2. Please email me, I want your permission, or his permission, or someone's permission to use these quotes for my greeting card company. (I know you, so if you don't respond I'll use them without permission) Please respond. No we don't pay royalties, but we might make you cookies.


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