Monday, July 27

Lazy Days

Today was lazy. And when I say lazy, I mean lazy. I didn't put on any makeup. And for those of you who know me, that never happens. Even on a completely lazy Saturday with nothing to do but clean, I will still wash my face and put on my mascara. At least I took a shower. That has to count for something, right? I felt a little bit like this. And that was when I realized, I have got to do something with my life. So I came up with a few little goals.

1. Brush up on my Spanish. After all, school starts in just a little over a month, and I passed Span 101 by barely 2%. So I might maybe should start up on that.

2. Finish 3 classics before school starts.
Anna Karenina is the first on my list. Have you any suggestions? I am working on Forever Amber, but I enjoy it so much and I'm not sure if it's really a classic. More of an old, incredibly well written beach read.

3. Start saving to go on a walkabout in Australia the summer after I graduate.

4. Finish my bureau that I started to refinish.

5. Organize my room. Because, trust me, it needs it. Desperately.

What are your summer goals and plans? Is there anything you're thinking of accomplishing in the next few weeks?

p.s. Do you know who Rosie Hardy is? Incredible! I am finding myself mesmerized. Darn Flickr. It's like when I found Peonies and Polaroids page all over again...

.credit Rosie Hardy via The English Muse

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