Sunday, July 12

Random Thoughts

I watched Support Your Local Sheriff last night and it was awesome. Oh how I love that movie. Obviously.

There is an adorable new missionary in Singles ward. Completely awesome and completely unattainable for the next few months. But at least my brother is the new Ward Mission Leader. Woot! When this kid heads back to Provo, BAM!!! Done son.

I love the new NBC show Kings. It fascinates me. I find myself drawn more and more to government type things. Oh, and I saw this guy again today that works for Military Intelligence. Nothing bothers me more than knowing that he knows exciting secrets that I don't. Because he told me today, "I could lie and tell you that I don't know anything exciting, but that would be a lie." Grrrrr....

I ran over a armadillo last night. I tried to stop for him, but then he ran under the tire that I swerved. I heard it and felt sick. And then I started driving again (there were cars behind me). And he was dragging under the front end. It was awful. He finally let go with a clunk and when I looked in the rear view mirror, he unrolled himself and walked off. For reals. Just like a cartoon. Those darn animals are indestructible. Impressive. I wish I was like that.

This is what should have happened.

But this is what really happened.

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