Tuesday, July 14

Turtle Turtle!!

We found turtle eggs in our yard today. Something had dug them up and cracked a few, leaving ants to swarm the area. We Googled it and found that if we left them alone, the ants would kill them. Don't ask me how they were going to crack the eggs, what with their tiny little ant legs. But, choosing to believe the internet, we created a little habitat for these eggs. Did you know that you have to hold them the way that they were in the ground? Apparently they attatch to the top of the egg, whichever way the mother lays them. Moving them about brings death. And I don't want baby turtle death on my hands. So we marked the top with a Crayola marker. And we await their hatching day. I just hope that it's before I leave for Utah. I would love to see their cute little faces. Pictures of the event to come. For now, here is a picture of a baby turtle to satiate your need for all things cute. My underlying motive is to make you jealous that you do not have turtle eggs in a basket on your fireplace.
Do they look grumpy to you? Because they look grumpy to me. Like they want to kill something. Maybe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wasn't all lies. Maybe they do have a bit of violence in them.

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