Monday, July 6


I have officially decided to make this Wonderful Women Week (and practice my alliteration while at it). So here I am going to feature some wonderful women who have influenced me for good. Everyday people that I can't live without.

Today I am starting with my roommate. You know, those girls that you meet and are terrified because you are going to be LIVING WITH THEM! And you don't really know them, so you just pray that they don't kill you in your sleep. Then, two weeks later, BAM! You're friends. Buddies. And you hang out, and watch movies together, and give all the boys that walk through your door funny nicknames. And because I like to do things in organized groups, like 3's and 5's and such, here are my 3 favorite roomies that pretty much changed my life.

1. Captain Katie the Kelly

My very first roommate. The one who curled up with me my first night when I was a crying little wimpy freshman who was desperately homesick. She kept me safe from Creepy Produce Man and Soup Boy. Then she left me for Chile. But I love her still and longingly await the day of her return.Katie took me for my first time sledding. Rock Canyon Park is the best!

2. Dawna

Dawna and I were best of friends immediately upon meeting. I think it's because she was curled up on the couch with a book, muddy buddies, and an America's Next Top Model marathon playing on tv. She invited me to sit next to her and pretty soon I was hooked on the best laugh ever and the best shoulder to lean on. Her perfect star atop the already glamorous tree? She loves Support Your Local Sheriff. Done son. Dawna and I are a packaged deal. Well, we will be when she gets back from Scotland.

Team Waldo on game night. Our motto? Accept defeat. It hurts less.

3. H-face

Where to begin? Heather introduced me to the finer things in life: X-Files, Lady Antebellum, Vegas, Wicked, Costco water bottles. You know, all the things that you can't believe you lived so long without. She became my confidant, shared her clothes with me, and sometimes swore at me. All while keeping me entertained with stories of work and her love life. And it was good. I love that she is scared of spiders and that she is obsessed with JoDee Messina. She didn't leave the country like the other two, but she graduated. Why does everyone leave me?

Post Edit:
I forgot to mention that Heather introduced me to blogging. Without Heather, you would have nothing to read. I know! Impossible to imagine!We like to get into trouble on dark, rainy nights.

So those are my ladies. Don't you wish you knew them? They look very cool and and when I am with them, I feel very awesome, hoping that some of their amazingness will rub off on me. So far, no luck. But don't worry, I have the rest of my life.

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  1. bReyna,
    Wow. What can I say? I'm flattered. If I were your friend, I would thank you profusely for not only acknowledging my greatness but for also stating it on the worldwide web. However, because I am not your friend, I have to insist that you stop stalking me because it's weird and stop saying fake lies about me being nice to your internetual friends.
    Thanks and best regards,

    ***See you soon for the CONCERT ("concert" being said in a sing-song way)!!!***


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