Monday, March 1

Spring Has Sprung!

Dear March,

Welcome welcome!

When you peeped your sweet face out this morning, full of the promise of spring, I was so delighted! Sunshine, blue skies, and no need for a coat? Perfect. It's about time. It was so kind of you to send banana/nutella crepes, a cute boy, and my lost favorite necklace my way. All before 9:00 am! I am speechless with happiness. If the rest of this month is as lovely as this morning, I just can't wait.

May I make a request? I would like a few blustery days (for kite flying, of course) and lots of sunshine. I suppose I can deal with one more snow fall (if you insist).


ps Tell February that I sincerely appreciated the goodness he brought me last night. Stake conference and wonderful new friends? What a nice way to end things!

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