Sunday, February 28


Last night I was listening to my one roommate shuffle across the living room floor, thinking about how I knew it was her just as well as if she had spoken to me or I had looked her way. Later, Jessica's stride and the other roomie's bounce down the stairs affirmed that their walks are just as individual as their faces.

I love watching people walk--it tells me so much about them. Much more than a two minute exchange of pleasantries could ever tell. I don't always have the opportunity to get to know everyone as well as I would like, so I watch them walk. And I learn a lot.

Roomie's shuffle tells me a little bit about her hesitation, some shyness. The other roomie's walk is full of confidence. H-face has a great stomp going on that warns me of her presence a good 30 seconds before she says anything. It's powerful and self-assured. I'm not so good at my knowing my own walk. I have a feeling of what it might be like, but I want to really see. Maybe I'll go spend an hour walking in one of the dance rooms that are full of mirrors.

What does your walk say about you? What do you want it to say about you?


  1. Ha ha. I actually laughed out loud about this. I forgot your weird thing about walking. And yes, I do stomp. I know not why.
    I'll try to listen for yours.

  2. Reyna. I've never heard you talk about this before. I'd like you to talk with me more about it. Please.


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