Thursday, March 11

The Most Random Post Yet. You've Been Warned.

Look! An artistic interpretation of how I felt today upon finding out that I had been scheduled wrong, and my appointment was at 3:00 pm, not 4:00 pm like I thought. Like I could have made it to a 3:00 appointment. Idiots.

It is finally warm enough to ride my bike around. The park is pleasantly close and the grass conveniently soft for laying and reading on.

And, he's back! That boy I was over that it turns out a friend of mine knows. You know, the one from 2 years ago. Nothing dredges up the past like a mutual acquaintance. Or, in this case, a mutual really good friend.

All in all, I'm grateful for trashy novels, like these, whose over the top drama help me realize that I've got it good. I mean, I've never been forced into an engagement to a man I hated when my true love was the carriage boy. I've never had to run off with the carriage boy to California, only to have him shot and killed mere hours after my wedding. And because I hate the character that that all happened too, I'll also remind myself that my true love never married my arch nemesis to save my reputation from being soiled. After I'd had intimate relations with above mentioned true love. Nope, I've got it good.


  1. Dear Reyna,

    I'm sorry about your appointment! That is really frustrating!
    I am glad for the good weather. I have thought about riding my bike down to that park on several occasions, actually!

    This boy thing sounds complicated. :S

    We need to see each other again! I ran out of texts on my phone D: (cry) but we have enough Tickets to Divine Comedy Saturday at 9 for both you and your brother C: We'll have to talk details soon.

    My love for you is like a lovely river of loving love.


  2. Wow!
    I don't know if the picture or your text scared me more!
    Ha. I love you!
    And I am happy your weather is turning up for the good! Yay!
    But that means you will have to do number 4 soon!

  3. how annoying about the appointment. And how wonderful about the weather. And how interesting/complicated about the boy. And thanks for giving me the rundown of those books, so now I don't have to read them.


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