Saturday, March 27

Blind Date

Last night, I had my first blind date.

And it was good.

I've heard a lot of people complain about an awful blind date, so my advice to them would be to only let someone who knows you really well set you up. Not because I'm an expert or anything. But my brother set me up, and I really don't think that there is anyone who knows me better. Anyways, he wasn't going to set me up with a loser, and he certainly knows what I like. So the night was a success.

Fanks, brother. You're awesome. And maybe your girlfriend isn't too bad either. Not that I would ever tell you. Because, let's face it, no one is gonna be good enough.


  1. yeah, well try going out with my blind dates (too numerous to count) and then tell me what you think of 'em. Glad yours was a success. But it seems wrong somehow that all mine were bad and your first one was great. The stars are not aligned right . . .

  2. Details... details!
    I guess I'll just wait to get out there and force it out of you!


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