Tuesday, March 9


Today I want these. Aren't they awesome? It's probably because I'm on a tattoo kick again. (No, I won't be getting one. I'm just enjoying everyone else's.)

Some of my favorites from today:
I do love a man with a tattoo. SO GOOD! And then you give me a man with a literary tattoo... I think he's from some Swedish rock band. I will be looking into their music based on his literary tastes.

And then the ultimate favorite.


  1. I love tattoos. I don't like any of these. Our tastes are so different.

  2. Where do I get those tights?

    And remember how I love the bottom one?

    However, I do not like that her skin is still irritated. Why don't people take pictures when their skin has healed?

    Maybe in heaven we'll get spiritual tattoos?


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