Sunday, March 21

Sometimes Bad Things Happen

I am a firm believer that what you put into the universe, you're gonna get out of it. So, if you're a jerk, the universe is gonna be a jerk right back. If you're one of those awesomely nice/kind/do-good people, you're gonna get some good stuff.

Yesterday tested my belief.

I woke up to a phone call of someone asking me if I could babysit in their place for one of our church leaders so he and his wifey could get in some temple time. The correct answer is always 'yes' when it comes to service, so that is what I said. I sat up to realize that I committed to watching a child in the middle of my day that was supposed to be spent researching and writing for an important group project. I had 15 minutes to get ready, so I muttered a quick prayer that was more like, "I better get some pretty awesome help on this paper this afternoon."

I came back to my house two hours later feeling pretty good about myself. I also came back to my house to find the door locked, no roommates available to open the door or answer their phones, and my key up in my room.

I was angry.

So, I decided that this was a result of my attitude. Right? I mean, I got in the house a few hours later (thanks for leaving your window open, roomie!) but by then I was cranky. And my paper has still not been touched.

Even though my actions were commendable, they weren't consistent with my motivations and attitude. So I'll be adjusting that. No more thinking I'm awesome for doing what I'm supposed to.

Humility. That's the key.

Oh, and I thought that was a funny picture of that cat being choked. That kid is going to grow up miserable. Karma.

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  1. ha ha ha....I've gotta say that ALWAYS happens to me! whenever i think "ooooh yeah look at me for doing awesome-ness" someone above me says "oh really? try THAT!" hope that paper goes okay!


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