Friday, March 5


Today in class, a phone rang. Normally, we all laugh as a student fumbles around their bag, urgently trying to hit the ignore button and turn off the volume.

Not today.

Today, some boy answered his phone and carried on a conversation. I am not even kidding you. He talked for at least 5 minutes while we all stared at him, open mouthed with disbelief. Our poor T.A. was speechless and tried to carry on the lesson but couldn't string coherent sentences together.

What are we coming to?


  1. This is just like that rude boy at EFY!!!!
    Except they had the ability to kick him out... unfortunately he pays BYU so, you know, the can't!

    I hate that society is slumping to this level.

  2. that butt face.

    please say he was a freshman. then that gives me *some* hope that he will change.

  3. That is so so so annoying, I would go crazy.


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