Tuesday, March 9

Mommy Type Stuff


Today I was bombarded by things that made me want to be a mom. I mean, we all know that I want to have like, a million babies. But I'm usually pretty good at putting those baby thoughts in The Future compartment in my head. Today, I wanted to fast forward to The Future. I'd be ok skipping The Present. It hasn't been nice to me lately.

Blogs like this one make me antsy for True Love and Baby.

The City Sage somehow thought that posting pictures like these were a good idea. Now I want a nursery. Like in Peter Pan? Yes. That fireplace is too good.

Then, I was at the library and this little girl walks up. She couldn't have been more than 3, with jet black hair, bangs and pigtails, and mismatched striped shirt and pants. With her cute little round face, she climbs up onto the comfy seat I'm sitting on under the window. She stands on her tiptoes and looks out the window, about to climb up, but then notices the sign and hesitatingly reads to me, "Please do not sit on window." She plopped down and asked me my name, introducing herself as Grace. It was the hardest thing in the world not to take that little one home.

Today, I am ready.


  1. I was almost ready. But then I decided I want to be a not so radical travelling gypsy/hippy first. And then when I'm done with that, I will have kids.

    Although I really want to lactate and donate my milk. now.

  2. "Pretty good at putting those baby thoughts in The Future compartment in my head"
    Really, Reyna? You typically don't lie. I am ashamed.
    But you are getting tremendously better, or worse, I am not sure
    No I am just kidding, I will be anxious to see your little pregnant belly, and that little hand holding yours, then when the speak with their own little voice... sigh* All things good.

    I will have a child just like Reef, I love him, I claim him, and He is /will be mine!


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