Wednesday, March 24

Be Still My Heart, I'm Hardly Breathing!

Last night when I came home, Tiffany was watching Penelope. For those of you who have seen Penelope, you know the charm that is James McAvoy.

(Mom, you would really like Penelope. We'll watch it when I come home.)

Anyways, here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

And my favorite video clip from Becoming Jane.

I gasp with happiness every time. You know. Guys with the best hair that I've ever seen can do that to me.


  1. Ha! My roommate and I just watched Penelope on Monday and discussed this very topic! We decided he was most attractive as Mr Tumnus, which is weird, because he isn't human. (Though I forgot he was in Becoming Jane...Hm...)
    You should see Atonement if you haven't already (edited, naturellement)


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