Tuesday, March 9


You know how somethings just take you back?

This morning as I smelled my bagel in the toaster and poured a glass of coconut/pineapple juice, I was 15 years old again, sitting on the balcony at the beach, looking out as the sun began to light up the water. If you've ever been on the beach in the early morning, you'll understand that perfectly peaceful feeling. Everything is perfect. The early light, the damp feeling in the air, the tide as it comes in. This morning, I would give just about anything to be there again with my family. School? What school? I don't even care.

ps I took that picture in the evening, so it doesn't have quite the same feeling, but that's still our beach.


  1. I'm ready to ditch whenever you are.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I would kill for it!


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