Wednesday, March 31

Families Can Be Together Forever

Yesterday I found out that my grandfather died.

This isn't ever easy news to take, but there are certainly things that make it easier. Like how I thought about him frequently for the past few weeks and felt the need to call him. Our conversations were full of fun stuff, like how he followed BYU basketball because that's where I go to school. And how he and his friends in the FFA used to have a folk/bluegrass band. He was the last one of his band that was still alive. He told me that the FFA (Future Farmers of America) didn't have any girls back then. The girls had a group called the Future Homemakers of America. He told me about the beautiful dresses that girls wore in the 1950s, full skirts with layers of crinolines underneath. He loved how ladylike that was. We talked about all the places that he wanted to visit before he died. He told me about how wonderful his wife was and that I reminded him of her (she passed away a few years ago now). Our last conversation was lovely and I'll always remember it.

Knowing that we can be an eternal family makes it easier. I'm so grateful for that knowledge. (learn more here)

Having great friends who will come and give me a blessing of peace makes it easier (thanks, Matt and Blake! You're my favorite!)
(learn more here)

Easter coming up reminds me of the resurrection, that my grandfather will live again. And I'll see him again. I know this. It makes it easier. And it makes it all worth it.


  1. Oh Reyna...! I didn't even know. I would have hugged you ever so hard.

    This post is making me cry. I love you, girl. You're wonderful and beautiful and I adore so much that you think these things and posted them here.

    It's true; families are amazing and eternal. I'll be praying for your family.

    Lots of love <3

  2. I'm sorry about your grandpa. That is a very sweet, tender post, though. I'm glad you have some happy memories with him.

  3. I lurve you! Sorry about your loss. But, I know what you said was completely true!

  4. Reyna I'm so sorry about your grandpa.


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