Thursday, April 1

Superhero AND Detective!

I don't know if I've ever told you, but I love this man.

Really. Like, he's right up there with Johnny Depp. Maybe even higher. I just appreciate his acting and his rugged good looks. Sherlock Holmes? Lurve. Ironman? Lurve. I know he's a little bit older (only six years younger than my parents...) Who cares? Not me. I love him. And I'm excited to see how he defeats Professor Moriarty.


  1. BAAH!!! I love him tooooo! Haha wow. We are basically the same person.

  2. I just finished watching Sherlock Holmes for the 2nd time about an hour ago and here was this post! Yes, he is one handsome fellow! People are always telling my boyfriend he looks just like him so I feel pretty lucky! LOL.


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