Sunday, March 8

Weekend Stuff

It has been a wonderful weekend, full of happiness and light and goodness.

~Temple Square is amazing! Beautiful by day and magical by night. The tulips and daffodils are just beginning to show their lovely little faces and I was immediately besotted.

~Seeing Chrissy is always the highlight of my life. One day we will live in Florida together. Okay probably not, but I can always dream! What would I do without my bestie to do my hair and make me laugh?

~I officially love going places with Tiffany and I loved the story her grandma told us about flashing Howard W. Hunter. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I am still giggling thinking about it.

~I started season one of Sexfiles. Of course. It is so good! I can't believe how cute little Mulder and Scully are! Much love. But I will always be sad that Alex Krycek had to die. He was the sexiest thing that ever happened to that show. Besides Mulder in a tshirt.

1. Temple
2. Alex Krycek

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