Tuesday, March 24

Good, Better, Bests

Good: Not having to go in to work

Better: Taking a two hour nap

Best: Having a wonderful friend who fixed my car for me!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Ben!

You are my hero of the day/week/month/possibly year and I will miss you in the summer.
Pinkerton is back on his feet! Whoo hoo!

Crazy moment:
Making pizza and washing the hot pads at the same time
Me looking around and, realizing that Heather is too high from her root canal to care, whipping off my shirt and using it to remove the pizza from the oven.


  1. Really? That's very good! I didn't know that you used your shirt, I hope that the front windows were open like they always are.
    Also, SOMEHOW, a hot pad snuck into my laundry...mysterious...
    Either way, it's clean so you can use it from now on.
    Also, remember how I was so high that you asked me to scoot into the middle of my bed so that I didn't fall off? Good times, thanks for that....buddy.

  2. I was laughing so hard picturing you ripping your shirt off. Hilarious!

  3. that's not awkward at all... did it tear? :)


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